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By scruffy - 10/05/2011 17:24 - United States

Today, I woke up late for a job interview. I hadn't shaved in six days, but figuring I could do so en route, I grabbed my electric razor and ran for the bus. While shaving, the razor's battery died midway through, leaving me to attend the job interview with a Miami Vice scruff on half my face. FML
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kh8975 4
sydmadhurf 6

did u think that was gonna end well??


why would you shave on the bus? that's gross. there are too many pervers on buses. just read all the FMLs about buses.

unless he's applying for something badass, that interview is not gonna end well...

The half shaven, half hairy look is coming back :D yay! LOL jks, weirdo.

never mind, i didnt read the "half my face" part

that's so hot I would do you right now

kh8975 4

not to mention that you're moving and have a greater risk at cutting yourself

saaaalt 4

You were Shaving on the bus? That's normal..............

eh, sorta, when you get a new electric razor for the first month or so it can cut you, least mine did, not really cut cut, but tiny cuts

Jaimegirl 7

Get batteries on the way to the interview? haha

CommonSenseKarma 17

They're internal batteries, I believe, that actually need a charger. I need mine plugged into the wall the whole time, I'm too damn fluffy.

Jaimegirl 7

Ah, I suppose that makes sense, haha!

CommonSenseKarma 17

I mean, look at me, I'm a mess :'(

imacreeper 3

127, the girl on the right looks like Amy from The Secret Life of An American Teenager. has anyone ever told you/her that before?

um nope lol but I'll tell her that haha

you're an idiot for thinking this was a good idea

I love to pull down my pants and whip out my electric razor so I can shave my pubes while I put my hand under them so that I can catch the falling hairs to place onto other riders. :D ONE LONG (disturbing) SENTENCE FTW.

PurpleRae420 0

Haha sorry but that's funny why would you shave on a bus? I mean hello YDi for being lazy hope you got the job interview tho

who the **** shaves on the bus? an unhygeinic socially impaired douhebag that is

sydmadhurf 6

did u think that was gonna end well??

Why not shave the night before? It also saves you time. YDI

fyl11122233 0

I hate when people say that, they sound like dicks. Especially when they're really not first.. *Dumbass*

riceicle1 6

Ohh Sirin we need a lil bit of Moderator Magic over here ;)

This sounds like something Peter Griffin would do. "With my razor electric shave in the bus, I'll save time from my dial routines!" Damn it where's TheRealFamilyGuy to say this!?

Ye but his jokes just ruin family guy. Even a joke like that he can't produce.

Actually, I think he's pretty funny at times.

Wow, simply wow. You should have had a razor blade at hand too.

ceinaworus 0

I use a serrated blade to shave. I don't know why you people are saying "use a razor". what the **** is a razor? sounds like something whiney little princesses would use.

cricketkac 3
ceinaworus 0

shup foo. I give no *****. rate my comments negative. love it or leave it ho.

ceinaworus 0

ya man. some people are just so sensitive. call them stupid and their ears will bleed. that happened to me once. then my mom got a job!

126- you have serious problems dude, you should consider getting some help

ceinaworus 0

trololololololol. y'all been trolled. the more negative my comment is, the more fuel is in my fire.

ceinaworus 0
flighted 1

wow, the dude in your pic is talented. but anyways I guess it saves time but who shaves on a bus?! someone who doesn't care bout what people think.....me gusta.

ceinaworus 0
flighted 1

lol well then if that's your leg, you are super talented, gumby

179 - that pic is from a movie, but can't remember the name.. what's a gumby

dbss11 3

doesnt he have, squirrel nun-chucks in hat movie? lol xD

flighted 1

189, I am shocked you've never heard of Gumby. Super old tv show--google it. I have no idea how to describe what Gumby is lol

ceinaworus 0

man, I find it funny how you trol some kids and they are like "let's make all his comments negative". hahahahahahhaha. but seriously, this is actually me, I'm just that good.

ceinaworus 0

yes, yes I do have nun chucks. RATE ME NEGATIVE BITCHEZ

cienaworrus, long live the Canadian trolls! trolololololololol lolololololololol, lol, trolololololololol, trololol

55 is a horrible troll. He should be ashamed of himself.

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persianjr1 7

The same people who post pictures of half naked men sticking their middle finger up.

persianjr1 7

he, changed his picture. wow. I look like an idiot now.

kh8975 4

don't feel that way I forgot that was my picture and it was bad

hey_its_kristi 0

And that's why I keep a disposable one nearby. Or since I'm a girl, I wear pants.

agaba 0

wtf that makes like no sence at all

ieatcats 0

sense* and yes it does shes referring to instea of shaving her legs she wears pants

Girls shave their legs generally, as opposed to their face.

Um I think they're talking bout their face !!

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lmfaooooooo thatss whatt i saidd . like wtfff , since when is there electricity outlets on a bus ?

_Itz_Meena_ 0

136- lol it doesn't have to be plugged in for it to work.

obviousboy 8

ran out of batteries. things that operate off of batteries don't have to be plugged in.

Totally. This is actually a double YDI - learn to wake up on time. Ah well, more jobs for people with IQ > 0.