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Today, I got called out of class to talk to some cops. Turns out my car was involved in a hit and run accident, while I was in school and there was no possible way it could have been me. But since they have no one else, it's my fault. FML
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TheDaveCA 1

This is why courts exist... In court something called "proof" is required. Assuming you're not lying, get a lawyer and start getting witness statements together ASAP.



I don't believe this fml because no one would get charged for a hit and run of they were at school.

ROFLwafflePWN 0

yeah I think this is fake like ok law doesn't work like that. bill of rights. all that stuff

garrettjordan 0

agreed with #5. No real, trained cop charges you with a hit and run event if you were in school and people seen you there. You may be a 'suspect', but that doesn't mean you are truely at fault.

it's his car, the cars in his name, or parents name.

For example in Hungary this can be real. It is callect objective responsibility (or something like that, I'm not a lawyer to translate the name properly). If somebody uses your car and cause some accident, trouble, or break some rules, the cops will come to you. If you hadn't reported the theft of the car earlier, you get the penalt instead of the sinner. You can ask for fairness, but you can be unlucky.. You know, life is just a big FML. It didn't use to be this some years ago, you could say any time that it wasn't you, a relative of you used the car, and according to the hungarian law you can't be forced to depose against a relative, and the cases were dropped. So the law had to be changeg...

Josher47 0

Yeah, but he is from the USA. You can't charge someone for a crime they didn't commit

Actually, this exact same thing happened to me, it was an investigation that lasted for months because I had no concrete proof that I was at school. Eventually the investigator stated that there wasn't enough evidence and the case was let go, but yes, it can happen. :

jisaac09 25

@63, yes you can CHARGE them with a crime if they committed it or not, they can charge you with anything, they are just not suppose to be able to convict you if you are innocent....

wow 21 iis sooo correct miss liar geez wat is it with fake fmls these days I made 2 on all time with a real one

Do people really believe that the US law system is perfectly flawless? Hell, even the Supreme Court is a bastion of partisanship! As to the OP, it's not your fault yet. You aren't guilty until proven to be so in a court of law. Anyway, this should be a really case to fight against.

vrock 0

no, not bill of rights retard, law procedure won't blame the op

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or was this a tap 'n run case. where someone tapped ur mom and ur car was involved and it was ur fault

FajitaFreak 3

Oh please, do you really believe that people with power care about a silly piece of paper? No one respects the law anymore, no one respects common sense, the only thing people respect is the bottom line.

jisaac09 25

Yea, i really dont know for sure, but ive read the bill of rights in 3 of my classes, where does it say you cant be accused of a crime??? Maybe im just over looking it.....

responses 0

what are you stupid? your saying people with power don't care abou a silly "piece of paper!?!??" If Obama didn't care about the constitution and bill of rights he could force every American to pay 2000 dollars in a random tax to pay off the u.s's debt. dumbshit our country is based on those pieces of paper

uh hello!! he said it wasn't him! someone must've stolen his car.

g02hell 2

I agree completly, this has to be fake. these cops would be violating the OPs civil rights.

TheDaveCA 1

This is why courts exist... In court something called "proof" is required. Assuming you're not lying, get a lawyer and start getting witness statements together ASAP.

advent2060 4

is that even legal? cuz it's obvious u didn't do anything

TheDaveCA 1

Is what legal? is accusing the owner of a vehicle involved in a crime legal? Of course it's legal to make an accusation, the trick is proving it. If the OP was really in class, proving that fact shouldn't be difficult...

advent2060 4

well it's clear that his car wa stolen while hhe wa in class so what I'm saying is how could they charge him with a hit and run if he ha a solid alibi and witnesses(classmates an teachers) plus the fact that if he ha been involved how did he get back to school w/o his car and where was it? that's what I'm saying it jus seems like the cops were falsely charging him(not sure if that's the right way to phrase that)

jisaac09 25

You guys dont even realize, the cops suspect that the OP loaned her car to someone and she wont admit who it is. So they charge her with the crime hoping that she would rat out her friend. Thats why shes charged......

chenoko 0

unfortunately they can charge the owner of the car. He will have to go to court to prove he was in class and find out who was drving it when the accident happened so the charges can be applied appropriately. But because his car was involved, his insurance rates will increase.

#4 no, it's not legal. OP has legal rights to sue the hell out of the cops for what they did to her. I'm calling fake though. Not even in Tenn would they be stupid enough to arrest someone that's been in school all day.

ilove80smetal 8

It's not about what you think. It's about what you can prove in court. Sue the cops and when their short handed with evidence, and you have witnesses saying you were in school, you win and they can loose their job if you'd like them too

I don't beleive this because you had an alliby and your teachers could verify this

This is fake. Who the hell moderate this FML? fking retards.

Only in Tennessee. Time to move states, lady.

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i do believe you except you do grammar hate on fml. just sayin

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Really?!?! You're a jerk! How can someone keep track of their vehicle when they're in class? Explain that?

bullshit. you have witnesses to say you were at school.

How the hell did that happen ? Did your car get stolen on campus or had you failed to report it was missing to the police ? Its damn weird. Still, wouldn't be the first time police procedures override good old common sense, heh.