By fuckingcool - United States - Ortonville
Today, my friend was complaining to me that she's gained 20 pounds and it's all gone to her butt and boobs. Meanwhile, I've also gained 20 pounds, and it's gone straight to my stomach. She looks better than she did before. FML
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  RichardPencil  |  30

Why? Photos of women's beautiful bodies are a big industry from porn to advertising.

Plus, I complimented the OP. I'm not a creep -- if anything, I've been duped by society.

  PencilTips  |  19

It probably has a lot more to do with body types... If you gain 10kg of fat, it's still 10kg of fat, if your body doesnt use all nutrients, it starts turning it to fat, and your body stores this fat in different areas. Everyone has a body that tends to store fat in certain areas, just like some people have bodies that barely store fat and these people eat whatever they want.

  Mynxie  |  26

I would love to see some scientific research that backs that claim. But I won't hold my breath because it is a load of crap. Fats from food don't enter your body, look at all the other fats and say which part of the body they are going to.

  derpina72  |  23

Unsure on how accurate this info. is, but I've seen videos saying that women with big butts tend to have more omega 3 fatty acids, so maybe if OP were to eat more of those, they'll get a bigger bottom, too?

By  kafka13  |  9

well and what was your and her weight before gaining 20 pounds? if she was skinny and you a bit overweight then it makes sense, anyway people are different

By  Dezzisaurus  |  6

Why in the world would anyone complain about that? Is she mentally ill? I recently gained almost forty and yes some went to those places, but also tummy, arms and thighs. I would have certainly loved it if just went to my chest and rear!

By  fuckingcool  |  10

I'm not fat, I'm not even overweight I just don't have a flat stomach like I wish I did. I'm pretty tall and definitely more muscular than she is. She's a vegetarian, but she generally doesn't eat that great. She eats salads and junk food basically. It's just annoying because she's always calling herself fat when she's much smaller than me, has a small waste, d-cups, and a big ass.