By HotelClerk - United States
Today, somebody stopped by the front desk at the hotel I work at to report a vehicle had its headlights on. I wrote down the info, including the plate. Hours later, after my shift was over, I finally realized that it was MY vehicle. The battery was dead. FML
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  Saccharide  |  0

"Okay... white car... go on... Minnesota tags? kay... Toyota? m'kay... XBC-5102? sure... Prius? Wow, what a coincidence, I own one too! Well, thank you for your help ma'am, have a nice day."

By  shananigans  |  0

Even if you didn't recognize the plate number, which is weird in itself, how did the other info not ring a bell?

"There's a white Honda Civic with it's lights on out there..."

"Haha what a coincidence, I have a white Honda Civic... Oh... Oh wait..."


THIS is what im saying. ok, mayeb you dont remember your exact license plate, but even so you didnt realize that the car was the same exact model, make, color, ANYTHING?! you totally fucking deserve it. if someone came in saying a black pontiac had its lights on the first thing id do would be to check outside just to make sure. as for next time OP, i suggest a car with automatic headlights, or maybe pay attention to that annoying beeping noise your car makes if you forget to turn them off.

By  plutosaplanet  |  0

not only do i not understand how you dont recognize any of your own vehicle information....what was the point in writing any of the information down? it doesnt seem as if you did anything with it.