By Imwalkinghere / Friday 4 November 2016 01:26 / United States
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  species4872  |  19

She didn't say she was at a pedestrian crossing. hell, she didn't even say in was on the road. Could have been in the car park for all we know.

  mariri9206  |  32

14, pedestrians still have the right of way. It's common knowledge to yield to pedestrians.

  species4872  |  19

#14 Really? In Australia cars only have to give way for pedestrians at marked crossings, (zebra crossing or traffic lights), or in shared zones, ( A shared zone is a Car park or similar area ).
So, if you were driving down the road where there is no crossing and someone stepped off the kerb in front of you and you hit them it's the pedestrian who's at fault not the driver.
In my previous comment, #14, It was not my intention to suggest that OP was in the wrong, far from it.


#22, in the US if that occurred both parties would actually be fault. The driver would still get a ticket for hitting someone (for not paying attention to their surroundings (which they're supposed to do)); and the pedestrian would also get a ticket for jaywalking (crossing in a section of road where there is no marked crossing section).


maybe you should write your own fml instead of hijacking another's? Or at least you could have added a few more sentence. like adding "Some drivers are just real impatient asshole it seems. So I feel you your pain OP. Both figuratively and literally perhaps". Without something like that added, people might think you are just trying to get attention to yourself and this FML is OP'S time to shine, not yours. Heck, maybe you are an attention where for all I know? I'm personally just giving you the benefit of the doubt because getting hit by a car is in my top 10 list of things I DON'T want to do in my lifetime. I mean isn't unheard of after getting hit. So attention where or not, I feel some sympathy. Or at the very least you got a gut I instinct sympathy cringe.

  Bearsmomma  |  30

The typo of "whore" made me giggle-idk why it was funny to me unless it was you "setting someone straight" and fucking up. I nearly spit my coffee when I got to the second one. Lmao. Thanks for the laugh.

By  Bazilzebub  |  4

Similar thing happened to me once. I stopped for a car at a crosswalk (this is on a college campus so if you don't stop your asking to get hit). The car then stopped so I went, as I was in front of the damn thing a kid on the other side of the street waved the car on and it hit me.


Something similar happened to me in my school. I was walking along the sidewalk and was about to cross the exit of our parking lot. I saw a car trying to exit, so I stopped to let him through. He waved for me to pass, so I did. As soon as I was in front of his car, he hit me with it. Then he pretended he didn't notice me when I went to his window asking wtf. He was like "Oh my God! Are you okay? Oh my I didn't see you there!" with this super fake tone of voice. I had no idea why he did that.. He didnt apologize either. Now I sometimes get paranoid about cars that let me cross lol

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