By Anonymous - 03/05/2013 21:00 - Germany

Today, I overheard my boyfriend admitting that he's only dating me because having me around "sucks a bit less than fucking my own hand". FML
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challan 19

Time for him to go back to wanking then, isn't it?


challan 19

Time for him to go back to wanking then, isn't it?

What makes you think he stopped? Just because she's slightly better doesn't mean there's not time for both. Hard to beat a man at his own game. Hehe.. Hard to beat.

Ooh, ouch. Did you call him on it? I'd love to hear what the jerk had to say in response to you calling him out!.

He's Just Not That Into You. This surely can't be your first clue.

Right 106?! Why do so many women date men who obviously don't really care about them? I doubt OP's boyfriend has been loving and caring to her face...

7yzzFML 17

Hahahahha, im sorry OP, but the way he said it just hilarious xD

ThePsyche 9

I think that was already stated at the end of the post. Nice try though *pats on back*.

That reminds me of the movie teeth O.O.


but #57 they ment with the other lips! Unless #3 and #36 were next door neighbors to that girl. in which cases they should be **** fighting heros!

Break his hand then break up with him imo.

For some reason that really weird movie "Teeth" comes to mind....

StiffPvtParts 43

Dump him, you deserve better, OP!

How exactly do you lnow that she does? He is a dick, granted. Ever thought that OP can actually deserve it?

LuckBeNimble 19

48: unless you believe that nobody deserves to be treated with such little respect...

Some people just don't deserve good boyfriends. And some people prefer cupcakes. I for one do not care for them.

48, Unless OP is a criminal or something, they sure as heck deserve better than this guy. He's a complete ass and for you to think anyone deserves that is sad

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That's the spirit! Way to be optimistic!

RedPillSucks 31

I think you should give him more opportunity to test that hypothesis.

So, you overheard your ex-boyfriend, right? Maybe Palmala Handerson is the right woman for him.

Hando Calrissian? Or Morehand Freeman?

Xatraris 38

Thumbelina and her four sisters. Have a good thing going there!

What a stand up guy. Lose him OP, you'll be way better off.

MooseKnuckle5150 13

Time to leave him to his hands. Maybe break them first....