By unsatisfied - 09/02/2010 03:33 - France

Today, I lost my virginity. It took all of 30 seconds. FML
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mist have been his first time too

AngryNinja 1

no she didn't get rapped. eminem has better things to do. she probably didn't get raped either or she's say so.


advent2060 4

oh wow that sucks hopefully u dnt start hating sex cuz it's awesome wen u do it with some one who knows what da **** to do lol

wow that sux it gets better just have to find the right person

me thinks #36 likes to bitch about things

Most do it to annoy people, basically beat thing to do is just ignore people saying "first"

Seriously. There's nothing cool about being first to respond to a post on the Internet. Go take a walk fatty, then come in and be fourth. I doesn't matter!

it's funny that you say that cause your not even saying anything about this FML. hahahahaha. awwwwwss how embarrising.

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As you can tell from this FML being first sucks lol

dayummmmmmm 30 sec?!. . frst tyme?!. . yur white aren't uu lol

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#39 thinks by lowering people on the Internet because they get a first comment on a fml will improve her social standing. bellend.

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I think u re juz too hot!! hahaaha

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I think she's a bitch 2 and is really young looking

there just doing it to annoye you duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

will u just shut the hell up snickerdoodle.ur comments r so stupid nd pointless

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i saw you put first before snickerdoodle! so shove a snickerdoodle or whatever the heck it is up your but!

#39 If you don't care about it then just don't ****** read it and go on to the next comment

the thing is, you lose your virginity once it goes in anyway. you could have just said my first time only took 30 seconds

it's a type of cinnamon Christmas cookies.. they're quite good... >.>

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That doesn't suck he should man up. If he only takes 30 seconds then he should wear a sign on his head saying I'm a queer.

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haha snickerdoodles taste like chicken to me..... I have no idea why. but anyways it's different for everyone their first time. mine was great but only because the guy had years of expierence, we are like 6 1/2 Years apart, I was 16 him 23. still together!! maybe it was his first timee. :D

deadpool91 0

good if you are the girl, bad if you're the guy. I mean seriously the 40-year old virgin lasted longer than you lol

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mist have been his first time too

Oh wait I guess not if your name is "unsatisfied."

Yeah cause it's so much better to be a guy that only last 30 seconds, than to be an unsatisfied girl who's problem isn't on her side.

perdix 29

I think we have to assume the OP is female. No man is going to admit that he can only last 30 and follow the FML format of starting with "Today." Twenty-something years ago, I lost my virginity and it took all of thirty seconds. . . if I hadn't improved since then, FML! (The good news is I can now go for a good long time. . . I even get yelled out for taking too long ;) ) The OP shouldn't complain because this is her first time. If her husband gives it to her like that once a week, then she should come back and complain!

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c'mon now I mean PERDIX is obviously a smart guy but damn is he lieing.. no one has that much time to write that and then go have great sex, plus if you get yelled at for taking too long you must have lame sex cuz ya girl wants it over with so bad ahaha it's true isn't it

Ajjas013 6

@perdix: I dunno dude... To me it sounds like she took her own virginity by the way it's worded. Regardless though it was her decision to loose her v card so I don't know why she's complaining.

perdix 29

UziTopete, I'm telling the truth. She thinks the quality is excellent, but she hates the helmet I make her wear -- it's my own design and it allows me to read and write FML comments on my iPhone while we are having sex. It has front and rear mounts;)

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haha let me try using it with u perdix

@Cupcaken: At least if the OP were a guy he would have been able to get off while losing his virginity. Well, OP, things can only go up from here! Just maybe not with Mr. 30 Seconds.

you failed... it's ok though, practice makes perfect

hmm.. would you like some epic with that fail?

ouch do it more you'll last longer in your case you need to do it A LOT more

Actually i'm assuming you're a girl because your username is "unsatisfied". that's sucks to be you -_- I feel sorry for guys who take that long -_-