By eyeleanify - / Friday 10 December 2010 08:12 / United States
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  rasellersjr  |  0

It's a misdemeanor, not a felony. Leaving the scene of an accident falls under traffic code, at least here in MD, not criminal code. That is most likely the case anywhere in the US. Can't speak for other countries.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

A person assumes that every person of one gender has a certain negative trait. Is this:
A- Sexism
B- Stereotyping
C- Idiocy
D- Generalizing
E- All of the above

  dlangel  |  2

I always find mens comments about women drivers entertaining because the most important judge of women drivers- the insurance companies and all their research- says we are safer drivers to the point that we get driving discounts several years earlier than men. That being said, OP shouldn't be on the road and needs to learn honesty.

  hhaalleeyy  |  0

I agree however I believe only american women and Asian women suck at driving. btw I'm a woman. Everyday I encounter at least 10 horrible women drivers on the road for every 1 man.

  TobyFunke  |  3

Wow, thank you! Look at that honesty from a woman. I agree, I am an excellent driver and seeing people never signal, weave all over, turn or go straight from the wrong lane and almost cause accidents, these things drive me nuts. So whenever I pass someone who I witnessed make a terrible error or just drive like an ass, I profile the driver. I wouldnt say I witness 1/10 ratio, but its definitely more women than men making just idiotic mistakes because they werent paying enough attention or dont care to signal or drive the right way.

The men do idiotic things on purpose because they're assholes. it's two different things, the men drive like assholes because they think its a badass renegade thing to do, women just think they are great drivers even though they have no idea what they're doing.

  jimmayboy  |  0

No, most of us just get pissed off at the bad drivers so do idiotic things on purpose. Most of the time I'm a very good driver.

Now, any man in a big truck just drives like an ass because they are one.

  marvin_fml  |  0

#49 Get off your high horse. Statistics show men are safer drivers. The reason they have more accidents in total, is that once you factor in all the male dominated jobs like truck drivers, taxi drivers, delivery drivers, police etc etc, men spend more time driving than women.
A truck driver likely spends 60+ hours a week on the road. You're average commuter, maybe 15 hours.

  naximus93  |  0

I am of the female origin and even I have to admit that there are a lot more bad women drivers than there are men. That being said, I try to not be like those women, and actually pay attention to what I'm doing.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

Men who say things like "go back to the kitchen" are just insecure. Women are now allowed an equal place in society and it scares them so they react like a child.

  TobyFunke  |  3

You are so annoying, and these idiots who make "make a sandwich" "get back in the kitchen" type of comments simply thrive on people like you, because they upset you. Everyone knows women can work, and one day will be able to vote maybe, or even run for a local, small time gov't office, so you arent enlightening anyone, you're just playing into their hands

chill out and just read the moronic drivel and then move on with your day