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Today, I accidentally rear-ended an undercover police car. FML
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A smart undercover cop doesn't write traffic tickets...

Sucks to be you, OP.


Wow.... Yup it's a crazy world

Well you that sucks, be more careful I guess.

that sucks* grr how did this comment get here anyway >:l

The unmarked police cars are the worst! I got pulled over by one recently. Since when do the police drive brand-new BMW's?! Tut-tut! Anyway, unlucky OP. The insurance will cover it. Hopefully they didn't get you for driving without due care and attention.

How is that any worse than rear ending a regular persons car?

Some cops could be power hungry and get you in more trouble than a simple traffic accident. Some is key word.

not an fml. this is just like Amy other accident nothing different

20- Well if that's true than our legal system is screwed. Corrupt people suck :/

unmarked cars are so easy to spot. well here in ny you impalas or town cars or even chargers. plus they drive slower than rest of traffic. be careful next time.

that's funny. did the cop give you a ticket or something?

13: Where I live, their cruisers are marked to show they're cop cars...up close. But otherwise, they look like brand new Dodge Chargers with sick paint jobs. And they're racist. I wonder if OP had to deal with any of that on top of this FML?

I don't understand the fml. I guess my English needs improving :(

it's not like it wouldn't have happened if the police car wasn't was an accident

In Soviet Russia, police hit you.

38- op hit another car in the back bumper with their front bumper. got it? lol

Rear ended means you crash into another car from behind.

38: rear ended = hit a car from behind..

Ha ha good one op I hate cops when you need them they are not there and when u really do NOT see one boom!!

43, 45, 46- thanks for explaining guys! now I get it lol. oh and f*** OP's life in that case xD

Wow my comments are taking turns disappearing.

...... That's what she said

maybe the undercover cop was spying in you OP haha

47- can you really attest to that? lol

#30, sorry to hear that. You would think in this day and age that racism would be obsolete. Mona: rear-ended means driving into the back of another car. What is your first language, if you don't mind me asking?

you're welcome sexy

Tikwichka, it's Russian :) btw doesn't your username mean pumpkin by any chance? lol cos it sounds similar in Russian :)

Lol my friend once rear ended a cop car because he wasn't paying attention and was staring at some female. Cop was at a red light too, but the cop was nice enough not to do anything. It's not that bad Op.

You don't get a ticket for rear ending a cop car, it's like any other car you rear end, other than the driver. Also undercover cops can't issue tickets unless you do something really dangerous like run a redlights with lots of traffic or something. Otherwise they need to be in uniform with a clearly marked car. If not you can ask for one to be called, and they have to do it.

Blue- I think OP means undercover cop like the ones in unmarked cars who sit on the side of the road trying to catch speeders. So yes they can write tickets :)

I think it varies by states, blue

Over here even if a cop car hits you, you're the one at fault. Also if you hit someone at the back whatever the reason may be, you are automatically at fault. Even if they caused it.

yeah Jess is right

Nope that's the law. You don't have do to ANYTHING they say unless they are in uniform AND have a clearly marked car. It's not hard to fake the uniform that's why the car is required. And undercover cops are on specific assignment, they can't issue tickets because it blows their cover. But if they don't have a clearly marked car, and uniform on. you can sit with your window up and request a marked car. If they refuse you're legally allowed to leave. Unmarked cars aren't even supposed to pull people over. Because any idiot can get a fake light...

Sir, I'm so sorry, is your car okayyyYYYYHOLY SHIT what's the gun for

Hmm, you all know a lot.. or I just don't know much. Could be both

I rear ended the ops girlfriend last night and he was trying to get revenge but instead he got the cops car cuz they look the same.

Jimmy - Not where I live. There's more undercover cop cars than actual cop cars. Probably due to the crime rate =P

Blue- Idk where you live, but in AK it's how they trap speeders and it's 100% legal. Sorry bud..

you might want to pay attention to your surroundings

Well blue over here in Texas anyone can call the police at an accident scene and the cop will ticket both parties. Most likely wouldn't ticket an undercover cop

in colorado the cops are brutal they will give you a ticket for everything

Привет Мона! You're right about my username, хорошо! My Russian is not as good as your English  And my spelling is bad bacause of my pronunciation.

lmao the debate has commenced!

They have those bullshit laws in Houston that camo their cars into the guard rails on the freeway just to catch you speeding 5 miles over the limit...

I think you guys are confusing the concept of an "undercover officer" and an "officer in an unmarked car" There is a difference. Blue is correct about undercover officers. In fact my roommate who is a fire man busted a meth lab and the undercover officers were required to wear masks the whole time... My roomie got to see them without the masks cause he is in the whole police/fire fighter family and shit, but that was only after the whole ordeal was over and they were back in hiding safely somewhere. A true undercover cop cannot pull you over or do shit without sending for a regular police unit. Unless they wish to blow their cover. You pretty much have to be doing blow off of a strippers titties while rear ending a cop car with a gun on your lap (perhaps with a body in the trunk) before you get to that level. However an unmarked police car is just a cop trying to hide the fact they are a cop and can do any cop shit. At least that is they way it is in most places I have ever lived. Editors note: the above is based on my personal experience, not any real legal background.

Debating about something that will ALWAYS be different in other's perspective? Kiind of pointless lol

thanks jimmy, very good to know(:

Lol Raleigh! I know cops are always hiding in Houston. I've never gotten a ticket before though. They are always hiding on westheimer at night on weekends especially. Haha I remember everyone used to race on westheimer, now they're scared.

That's because you guys don't know the law. It's not that it's illegal for them to do it, but it's that it's legal that you don't have to accept the ticket. They can hide and all that stuff, but if they don't have a clearly marked car and uniform you don't have to do anything they said. That was a very specific part of my law class... And undercover cop is most likely not going to write a ticket because they fuck up their cover.. And unmarked cop would probably issue you a ticket, but again, you don't have to accept it without a clearly marked car and uniform. If you don't know the law, then you don't know what you can and cannot do. It's like when you are getting a ticket, during that time you are technically under arrest. Which is why if you don't sign it, they will bring you to the station and make you wait around all day till the judge will see you. It's basic Law.

raleigh- wow that's bullshit. the other day I was driving in a 50mph limit hgwy here in nyc , passed a cop at 60 mph. when he was in my rearview mirror sight I then accelerated to 70. actually, it's very common they let you pass 15mph over speed limit

Exactly Debi. Rules are different everywhere.

Nena, we still race on Westheimer what are you talking about :]. Every friday, sometimes saturday :P. You should come out here and watch us sometime. I only get tickets for speeding, but I've gotten a lot in the past lol. KiddNYC - Yah, those bastards let you get about 15 miles over the limit then they choose to stop ya. I'm telling you, these camouflaged laws out here in Houston are the worst though. Especially at night when you can't really tell. During the day you can kinda see their taillights.

Blue waffle (coconut .. whatever .. same thing *shakes head) - I know the law a lootttt more than anyone else here I just don't go around strutting shit I know. We're all very intelligent human beings in what we know. Everyone is good at something. Turns out you're just good at being an asshole saying you know everything about everything .. Not a bad thing though XD

debiasio, you know what I do for a living right?? Also, I'm not sure if you lived in Vancouver your entire life or what, but the law in the U.S. is different than in Canada... So I'm talking about American law.

Care to inform me once again , Mr. Blue Waffle?

damn they stop you guys anyways? lol sucks. here you actually get away with it. well in the hgwy that is. not if youre in a school or construction zone, then you're fked lol

Not that I give a shit about either of you (no offense) but exactly what was blue doing to come across as such an ass to you? Because it sure didn't seem that way to me. Seemed like a a typical conversation between adults... perhaps you are not familiar with that (directed to whatever 69... )?

Aaaaah I wish I could drive :/ Just ten more months!

Raleigh..Yea there's still racing but not as much as before. Or maybe I haven't been paying attention. I used to go to the meet on westheimer and hwy6. But just watch.. no racing for me. But yea that's cool I'll go one of these days.. where do y'all meet?

Check your PM's debiasio.. And I have no idea how I was coming off as such an asshole... I actually thought I was giving a helpful hint, so if someone gets pulled over by an unmarked car with a cop not in uniform they know what they can or can't do. Oh well. :P

wait, Jess how old are u? I don't wanna creep in your pf. plus I'm on iPod lol

nvm. didn't see above comment with answer before lol

Jimmy- Well I have my learners permit right now so I get to drive if my parents are in the car. In 10 months (when I turn 16!) I can get my actual license and drive all by myself! :)

Nena, you're right about that. They did slow it down a lot, but when me and my friends race we usually come about 6 cars deep full of people, so we bring it to life most nights :P. You know that Wal-Mart you see if you go waaaay down Westheimer? That's where we meet up most of the time, and we go from there all the way to Katy and back. Hw 6 is a bad spot some nights though, because those laws over there stop you if your car looks "suspicious". I drive a '08 red Nissan Altima with black Akuzas on it, and got stopped for no reason. Now, if you picture that in your head, how does that look suspicious?

SOTY- that comment made me laugh more then anything todayy. so, thank you for makinng my day(:

WTF Jessie you're only 15? oh my

Hope- yes I'm only 15 :/ how old did you think I was? Jimmy- told you I'm mature! People are shocked at my age! I have the mind of an old person haha :)

Lol I have no idea how that looks suspicious. I only know of two walmarts on westheimer. Are you talking about the one by Jack in the box?

blue coconuts- so basically if an undercover cop writes you a ticket you can just say no and throw it in the trash? if so that's really cool. but you still have to give them your insurance and stuff right?

Ohh my goodness that sucks! :/ And yes Im getting a car! Whatever piece of crap junker I can afford lol. But my parents are matching whatever I earn and I'm gonna work my ass off this summer so I can get a semi good one. I wanna red truck :) Or a baby blue slugbug :)

from your profile pic you look 18 or 19. I'm apalled because I told you the other day you look like you'd be a beast in bed. :/ I can't be saying things like that to a 15 year old.

145- don't go for the slug bug they break down too easily trust me.

Hope its ok I'm sure she thinks you're a total milf.

i agree jess looks 17-19 in her recent pic. shelooks 15 in her previous pic.

Ooo in downtown. Where westheimer becomes Elgin?

Illmatic, my Altima is beast dude. I'm not a car freak or anything, but I had my friend fix it up real nice under the hood so I could keep up with the competition. Why do you call them slug bugs?

ahahaha that's hilarious!!! lol

Where'd my comment go?? Hope- Its okay, it's totally true ;) lmao Kidd- Really? Wow I don't see it..

144, if they are not in uniform, and don't have a marked car, and refuse to call a uniformed cop in a marked car, then yes you can. If they take you to the station, etc, you just have to say "There was no proof he was a cop and he refused to call a uniformed one with a marked car. I didn't believe him." and you will be good to go. It will be a big pain, but you will not be in trouble. There's a lot of rules for cops, they can't just do whatever they want.

Raleigh- he was talking to me. My comment was 145 till yours took over! :/ Haha I was talking about how I'm getting a car when I turn 16 and I wanted a baby blue slugbug :)

And yes, Nena. It's downtown, but we head out to Katy going a different way. Ohh, my bad Jess lol.

has anyone ever seen a bomb gilf? jw.

really what? lol and oh a beetle you want? eh go for the smart car if you want something small lol

haha Raleigh the comment bug messed it up. my post was for Jess's comment that seemed to have disappeared

Sean--that may be so. But I'll stick with Raleigh because he's one person on here who I wouldn't get arrested for sleeping with, even though I love you all. seriously. I am waaaaaay too old for any of you ;)

thanks blue coconuts there is supposedly a few that are in my area so that could be useful someday.

No problem... And Hope, you're like what? 3 years older than me?

Ok Raleigh. I'll check it out one day.. I'll just round up my friends that are car racing fanatics.

epoh I'm 23. how old are you? if you don't mind me asking

I'm not sure how old you are, Colin. I'll be 26 in august :)

I wish I could drive. GDMFPOSAFP!!!!!!!!! AFP its burning in shit.

to your knowledge it was just another vehicle and shouldn't held responsible.

epoh you made it seem like you in your 30s. you're only 3 older than me. actually, you're my sisters age lol

Sean you're 16 why can't you drive?

Jimmy, the old Civics are beast, no lie. But I'd still smoke ya if you don't have experience :P.

I don't know how and no one will teach me. DIAFPOSAFP!!!!!!

Tikwichka, privet! xD so r you Russian? I know now three more Russian girls on this site - you, sertralinaa and rushiee. ah Russians take over the FML yay :D

couldn't agree more Raleigh. it's not the speed, it's the experience. of course in a long stretch the faste car will win but in traffic an anything else, experience is key

Awww poor Sean :( Your parents won't teach you?

Oh and btw guys, I may not have that much experience but I still want in on this race. I'm a speed demon and an adrenaline junkie. :)

not really idk they told me to sign up for drivers Ed but idk how and then my mom took me driving once and I was horrible I prefer my dads truck cuz you have more control we were in an empty parkingloy and I felt like I was gonna crash I hit the curb like five times but I got decent by five minutes or so though I couldn't turn the blinkers on without getting the wipers so lol I need more practice I think this is a run on sentence but o well.

I'll race any of you... I smoked a viper the other week... Badly. :P

Sean- take drivers Ed because it cuts down on insurance which is a bitch if you're a teenager :( But you won't crash. I was awful at first but now I'm a better driver than my mom. And she taught me lol :)

The guy driving that Viper must have been horrible.. Vipers are too beast to lose. Well the ones I've seen race are.

I smoked a nissan maxima the other day with my Mazda 6, baha. oh and going over 100 mph is scary sometimes, feels like you're gonna turn into dust lol

fuck that don't even try anything against the corvette

Viper = 3.5, Corvette = 3.7 the difference matters :P. A Viper will smoke a Corvette with a chip in it any day. Wait, Corvette Z06 or ZR1?

58: Well I live in Georgia, so racism is kinda normal ^^

blue that makes sence. here some guy had a fake police uniform and killed some girl.

I don't know where I'd get a car though don't really have the money. My dad wanted me to try to get my grandpas car it's a Nissan zx somethin i think, I can never remember. And if I take drivers Ed do I actually have to know anything or is it just like you show up for the class?

Sean, they teach you the basics in Driver's Ed, so you just show up for the class and do the work they give you. And you will watch a god-awful amount of stupid videos..

91 that's fucked up. cops in wa usually drive faster than everyone else and usually will only ticket for 9 and over.

How much does it cost?

Raleigh... I have a motorcycle, I smoke vipers, and vettes on a regular basis. :P

Uhh I'm not exactly sure. You probably don't have to know anything. And if you do no biggie because you'll learn fast. It's really way easier than it seems when you first get behind the wheel. It also helps to be pushed. Like I was pro at parking lots, but terrified of actual roads. So one day my mom just pulled over and made me drive. I almost had a heart attack but it worked.

#211 - It's fucked up, but it's true. They're really arrogant down here. Sean, my Driver's Ed cost about $200. Coconuts, why do you race Vipers with a bike :P? We don't do that over here. Bikes with bikes, cars with cars :]. So, in this situation, I would win this race :P.

eh irdk Raleigh I'm just speaking from experience because one day at night I was entering the mouth of a bridge with my Mazda 6 and so was a corvette(idk the model) and I roared my engine. long story short he roared his... few seconds later I was still at mouth of bridge.... he was 200 yards ahead of me lol sorry if my typing is shit lol

whoa guys I was away just for a few mins and there's some huge threadjacking lol. not as huge as that recent one with over 500 comments but well..

blue- dude, you can squeeze in places they can't with a bike. of course you're gonna win haha. try a long stretch no traffic

I don't go to set up races, guys just try to race me from lights... Nothing set up in advance though... And Haley won't let me race, so I can't do it anymore. :P

actualy 39 police will hit you anywhere. as long as your Hispanic or Black -_- got the bruses to prove it. OP, this is a stupid FML.

#204 Depends on what car you're in. Doing a 100 in a newer model Mercedes it feels like nothing. In my moms car I was doing 100 on a freeway and didn't realize until I was looking at the speedometer

yeah you're right nena but try that here in ny the roads are horrible. ask anyone lol

I used to live in Manhattan, the roads were shit and even in the really nice parts it was kinda trashy.

yea i kno Raleigh I'm living in manhattan now lol soo many potholes

Lol yea I see your point. I was in NYC in march and driving around. Ridiculous!

raleigh- what kind of camo are you talking about? im in houston all the time and never noticed i guess. but then i usually only go as far as sugarland so who knows lol.

Nena, I'm going to be leaving you and Houston in August :/

Morgan, I'm talking about those khaki color guard walls on the side of the freeway heading past First Colony Mall and into the Galleria area. They have cop cars that camo into those walls :P.

I'm heading back NY :( I'm transferring to NYU, but I'll still be coming back down here to visit a lot.

NYu is like one of the colleges with higher suicide rates lol

Really? My bro goes to NYU. He came back Tuesday for summer break. My sis is going to Rutgers this fall. I go to NYC at least once or twice a year. But that's good, good luck :)

Lmao, wow KiddNYC, thank you for that disturbing bit of info bruh :P. Nena, wouldn't that be something if me and your bro became really cool or something haha. Does he go to the Manhattan campus? Rutgers is in NJ right? It sounds familiar. Well if you're ever in the neighborhood, you should get at me :). And thank you :]

Lol Kidd I've heard that too

lol you're welcome. but nah you're too kool to commit suicide lol

Ahaha, well thanks bruh :P. I personally think suicide is a dumbass way to go, but to each his own.

Lol that would be funny if you made friends with him. and yes manhattan campus. yea rutgers is in new jersey.. she's going to the one in new Brunswick. And don't worry Raleigh actually MIT and Harvard are the highest suicide rate.

agreed 30 and 88: cops are the most racist hypocritical jackasses in uniform. I've seen and heard many stories.

Pshh, me? Worry? Get outta here :P. But yah, it usually is the high ranking schools that have high suicide rates; I guess it's all the stress, I don't know. What unis were those where people were putting nooses on black professors doors? I saw it on a Katt Williams stand up show, and I've been curious as to what schools they were :P.

yep never seen em. ill keep an eye out this weekend though. also whats a good chevy dealership up there? or any place that has some nice tahoes?

I couldn't tell ya, I don't drive Chevy made cars or trucks.

ok thanks. well i hope you dont have a hyundai. ive had nothing but problems with mine.

I have a '08 Nissan Altima.

Jess, most of our police officers are corrupt. I was in a jury trial where the sheriff accused took a young lady to court for "resisting arrest" and "recklessly driving through mild traffic at 1:30 am." I call bullshit on that, I live 10 minutes (driving) from where the incident happened. There has NEVER been traffic in this area AT midnight.

This convo got pretty long To me, cops are cops and I havnt been pulled over yet with my sober drunken driving style so they are... cops?  Bluntness

Well Blue/Colin *can* come off kinda braggy occasionally, but I don't think this was one of those times. Well, at least till he started talking about racing ;) Colin is that federal law, and does it *always* override state and local laws? Also, in re: throwing the ticket away-- I'm guessing if you sign the ticket you're obligated to pay, since that's legally accepting it, right? I've heard too that if you're getting pulled over by an unmarked car at night, it's legal to not pull over till you're around people in a well-lighted area. Probably gotta turn your hazards on and slow down though (and I might even try to get through to the agency's dispatch to let 'em know I wasn't fleeing.) I'm paranoid about that stuff; I knew a guy with personality disorders who actually did the whole pretend-you're-a-cop-and-frisk-chicks thing. Went to jail for it, but he ordered his uniform online and bought the bubble at Spencers :o His mistake was not watching out for real cops when he pulled the stunt on main roads-- stupid, since the whole police force knew he was fucked up already.

u look 20... I'm 16 HA

BTW, not trying to negate anyone's personal experience w/ police racism-- I know a couple of people mentioned they'd been the victim of that. I know it does happen, and it really sucks that it happened to you guys :(

i agree...they can give you a ticket and make any arrest if need to.

Thank you IJD :[

debiaso696969... you are the dumbest trolling bitch I've ever seen! have you anything intellectual to add to any conversation? or do you just enjoy acting like a total cunt ALL the time? at any rate, I think someone should fuck-start your head!

I want a dodge charger soo bad, I really want a challenger but a charger would be cool too those are awesome cars but too bad they cost a lot...

Chargers are pretty cheap over here. I've seen new ones for like $15-19,000

OP ur unlucky and I think I have bad luck :/

YDI for blowin thier cover.

wrong. ghost cars can inforce the law just as much as a marked car. undercover is misused here. a true undercover cop you would never know about. they wouldn't break cover to deal with an accident. your talking about off duty officers. and your wrong again. they can inforce the law to the same extent. it's more paperwork but your still fckd.

sorry your still wrong. they are exactly like normal cops.

sorry. this is why uarked cars have police interceptor written on the back. you should look into getting some money back from this 'law school' bc they wrong.

Not "law school" that blue is talking about. They taught my husband same thing when he changed his MOS over. To whoever had question about being pulled over at night - yes, you can drive to a well lit and populated area before you pull over if you are blue lighted. We had the "Blue light rapist" in AR, OK, MS area about 10 years ago when they started enforcing that because some jerk bought a bubble, had a uniform and raped young ladies on dark roads. All of u guys make me feel old - I think I am oldest on thread at 27 haha.

I wanna rear end mona

Nope AK, we're tied ;)

I just wanna know how to you "Aciddently" hit a police car?

TheIrishJaneD-If you are being stopped by any officer whether it's a marked car or not you are allowed to drive to a safe area and the best thing while doing that is to call 911 and talk to a dispatcher at the same time. Federal law does trump state and local law in some cases but not all. There HAS to be sufficient evidence before a warrant can be issued. No knock warrants are common in drug cases though for officer safety. Hope this helps.

Yay, you responded! Thanks for the info. I live in a tri-state area. In that situation, while I definitely wouldn't pull over right away in two of the states, I know Virginia police don't mess around and tend to be harsher. So I get nervous even though I'm quite the law-abiding driver :)

same exact thing happened to me while my friend was driving! the cop was really cool about it since there wasn't any damage to either car (her foot slipped off the brake at a light and she wasn't paying attention) but she was so shook up she couldn't drive home.

learn to drive and you wouldn't hit anyone

to number 30 they are only racist to you becase when you get pulled over they give you tickets instead of warnings. it's not their fault you can't drive so quit bashing

Um yeah @ 44--- many cops in the US Are racist. People suck, and Some(I'm not saying all!) people become cops for the wrong reasons..

I don't really think so. about a third of cops I've seen are black and it seems like a lot of time if someone gets a ticket from someone of a different race they pull the race card and call them racist when in reallity they're just doing their job and punishing you for breaking the laws. if you don't like the laws move to Antarctica. Yeah some cops are messed up but not nearly as many as some people seem to think.

I don't agree that about 1/3 of the cops are black... seems to be a fairly even spread to me (i.e. about as many black to white cops as there are black to white ppl in a given area, depending on the area). Blacks are still called a minority for a reason. However I do agree with you about he race card bit. Most cops I have ever dealt with are not too racist (perhaps it is different in South Central LA or some place where I have never lived). However there are cops that do it for the wrong reason. I have the utmost respect for cops who do their job well and with a sense of justice. however to me there is not a piece of scum lower in the world than a cop (or judge or any person of power) who does it for the reason of having power... usually because they are insecure themselves and take it out on others. To me this is much worse of an issue than racist cops, because those types are pricks to anyone and everyone just to bring themselves up. Of course I have issues with authority, so you may wish to disregard my rant. ;)

I pretty agree. the one third thing was cuz I live in a place that's around 1/3 black & 1/3 hispanic though it may me more like 25 25 50 im not too familliar with the cops around here.

Agree w/ Ian about the proportional race thing-- that's true in my experience as well. I think cop attitudes really depend on where you live too. Small town cops (or cops in lower crime rate locations, really) have fewer situations to jade them, don't face danger as often, and thus tend to act more "human." Plus they have to live there off the clock too, and small towns can be hell if you're considered a prick all over town :p I'm not making excuses-- true racism does definitely exist in the cop world and it is wrong, period. But the cop culture also tends to breed a lot of false bravado, detached arrogance and feigned authoritarianism-- especially in more violent cities, their lives can depend on staying intimidating and in control. Then the cop gets so used to playing macho that he can't shut it off. I think sometimes that may come off as racist when it isn't.

195 - I live in south central LA and there have been cases where police will just come up with a bullshit of an excuse to stop you or beat the crap out of you--like the inglewood police department. Then there ate the cases where, well lets admit it, ydi. Anyways, I hope to not seem suspicious one of these days cause I always get tense around cops even tho I'm innocent 

I didn't mean all or most by far! but... I happen to know of a few instances where it really was a racial thing.. or mistaken race thing, like a guy in the back of a police car in handcuffs going to jail, until the cop finds out he's dark-skinned italian and not hispanic or black. All of a sudden it's "oh, I'm sorry sir! Let me take those cuffs off of you!" Happened to my boyfriend in Florida. So fucked up, I was sickened by the whole thing..

Sucks to be you, OP.

if you have insurance who cares let them handle it, that's the reason you pay them

Good! I fucking hate cops.