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Today, I got attacked by my own dog. I don't know what will be harder, telling everyone how my dog thought I was a robber or explaining to them why a 25 year old man owns a poodle. FML
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the poodle doesn't bother me. but I would like to know why your dog thought you were a burglar. lol

I am confused at why it's so hard to explain that your dog attacked you. Owning a poodle, fair enough though.


I am confused at why it's so hard to explain that your dog attacked you. Owning a poodle, fair enough though.

Poodles are big, nasty dogs. I don't know why you own one either, OP. BTW, I'm adding the "I don't know which is worse/harder/sadder/etc." ending to the list of trite, overused FML endings. Dig deeper, posters.

Did i miss the part where Chuck Norris has died and taken over the soul of your poodle??

OP should just say the poodle was him and his ex girlfriends since girls (usually) are the ones who like poodles. just say you ended up keeping it

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24, Imaginaryfoe, your comment got me laughing! But don't knock the formula. It's hard to get an FML posted. (: I heard poodles are one of the most intelligent dogs (maybe not this one) but they are always shaking and that freaks me out.

WHAT HAVE YOU GOT AGAINST POODLES. I luurrvve poodles I have toy poodle and he is TOUGH he could eat you with one bite. I swear he has some relation to chuck norris

#50- That's rude, I'm sure you know not to play with food. Poodles are cool, but I hate how people dress them up and treat them like little dolls. They're DOGS! No dog should be subject to torture like that...

imaginaryfoe not all poodles are big.. and OP owning a poodle is ok, as long as you don't style it's fur that is..haha

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poodles may be a little girly, but you see a convertible and 9 times out of 10 it's a man..convertibles are way girly.

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hellogoodbye no they aren't ur just gay

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46- That's true, poodles are like the 2nd most intelligent dog breed. Or so I've read. My mom has a toy poodle who suffers terribly from little dog syndrome. She's one cranky bitch.

There's nothing wrong with a man owning a poodle. They're highly intelligent, and they're athletic. They're an all around breed of dog, so it shouldn't be bad if you own a poodle.

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My former boss owned to Royal Standards. Even though the older one was deaf, together, they were smarter than most humans.

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Those are toy poodles. How about the poodle like the one in the movie "The Hulk" That was one badass dog. It had that "Ima rip the throat off the next person that comments on my grooming" look.

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Poodles are hideous, I do like how fluffy they are though. Poodle for a grown man? You must be secure in your masculinity, so props to you.

How about he solves his problem by not telling everyone?

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Dig any deeper and we'll be lost in INCEPTION!

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You should have told them that your dog was a burglar protection system prototype.

Not a stellar start for the system then. Attacking the home-owner is a small kink that needs to be worked out.

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the poodle doesn't bother me. but I would like to know why your dog thought you were a burglar. lol

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Poodles are naturally aggressive unless you train them well. That's why.

Behind that fluffy fur lies the heart of natural born killer

I'd also like to know how OP knew the dog thought he was a robber. Maybe the he just pissed the dog off!

poodles are weak, dude is a puss that's why he owns a poodle in the first place

115 yeah because dogs can't bite, scratch and tear chunks of meat off prey..... I hope youre a troll, either that or you're stupid

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Did you break a window while wearing a ski mask or something?! Well, at least you know your dog is a good watch dog! (:

It'll be harder to explain why you thought your dog was a robber.

Oops, I mean the other way around. Haha.

the other way round... exactly what I wad thinking. and how would a poodle even attack?

45: My dog is a Chihuahua and he's quite a vicious thing. :/

Chihuahua?! XD That's like saying bunnies are scary lmao

55 you don't think bunnies are scary, fool? You should >:( ever seen Monty Python?

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wait a sec whats wrong with having a poodle -.- seriously that doesn't make sence unless your questioning your sexality, you sir are! 0.0

I agree. There is nothing wrong with owning a poodle. Derision of choices such as clothing colors, musical preferences, cars, pet breeds, and hobbies as being 'feminine' is just silly - your hobbies and desires (outside of sexual desires, obviously) don't make you gay, they make you who you are. Desiring intimate relations with your own gender makes you gay. In short, YDI for putting yourself into a situation where your dog would confuse you for a burglar and for being excessively homophobic ;)

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i own a poodle, i'm prety shure abut my sexuality, my dog loves my, i love it, yea your life sucks...

@118: Hey, man, what you and your dog do behind closed doors is nobody's business but yours. But do the English language a favor: use spell check.

eh, either way I don't see how it's such a big deal, lol.

What? Poodle? That's not a real dog. Just a glorified cat with barking abilities.

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who care what kind of dog it is bro rock it if you got a poodle. chicks will find dig the fact that u can own one and be cool with it. unless its ur girls dog.

Why would you tell it to everyone? I would think that 'attacked by my own dog' is something you talk about with friends, family, your know, the people who are aware that you have a poodle.

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yeah, I don't understand why the breed of dog matters in this situation.