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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Poodles are big, nasty dogs. I don't know why you own one either, OP.

BTW, I'm adding the "I don't know which is worse/harder/sadder/etc." ending to the list of trite, overused FML endings. Dig deeper, posters.

  sourgirl101  |  28

24, Imaginaryfoe, your comment got me laughing! But don't knock the formula. It's hard to get an FML posted. (:

I heard poodles are one of the most intelligent dogs (maybe not this one) but they are always shaking and that freaks me out.

  torio123  |  27

WHAT HAVE YOU GOT AGAINST POODLES. I luurrvve poodles I have toy poodle and he is TOUGH he could eat you with one bite. I swear he has some relation to chuck norris

  biass  |  0

#50- That's rude, I'm sure you know not to play with food.

Poodles are cool, but I hate how people dress them up and treat them like little dolls. They're DOGS! No dog should be subject to torture like that...

  lesleykay  |  0

46- That's true, poodles are like the 2nd most intelligent dog breed. Or so I've read.

My mom has a toy poodle who suffers terribly from little dog syndrome. She's one cranky bitch.

  JenL_fml  |  7

There's nothing wrong with a man owning a poodle. They're highly intelligent, and they're athletic. They're an all around breed of dog, so it shouldn't be bad if you own a poodle.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Those are toy poodles.
How about the poodle like the one in the movie "The Hulk"
That was one badass dog. It had that "Ima rip the throat off the next person that comments on my grooming" look.

  Dumeril  |  0

Poodles are hideous, I do like how fluffy they are though. Poodle for a grown man? You must be secure in your masculinity, so props to you.

  KaintukeeBob  |  13

I agree. There is nothing wrong with owning a poodle. Derision of choices such as clothing colors, musical preferences, cars, pet breeds, and hobbies as being 'feminine' is just silly - your hobbies and desires (outside of sexual desires, obviously) don't make you gay, they make you who you are. Desiring intimate relations with your own gender makes you gay.

In short, YDI for putting yourself into a situation where your dog would confuse you for a burglar and for being excessively homophobic ;)

By  doc_j  |  0

who care what kind of dog it is bro rock it if you got a poodle. chicks will find dig the fact that u can own one and be cool with it. unless its ur girls dog.

By  DjeePee  |  24

Why would you tell it to everyone? I would think that 'attacked by my own dog' is something you talk about with friends, family, your know, the people who are aware that you have a poodle.