By Anonymous - 01/09/2012 23:15 - Canada - North Vancouver

Today, a dog attacked me. Its owner, instead of apologizing and helping me, said it was my own fault for making it think I was an attacker by running past them. We were on a jogging track. FML
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MolesterStallone 13

I would have punched him in the face...

You need to report him and the dog. Imagine if it had been a child that this dog had attacked! It will attack again. Sounds like it has before judging by the owners response!


MolesterStallone 13

I would have punched him in the face...

The dog probably would've attacked him again.

This FML is exactly why I am afraid of dogs. I can never tell if a dog is going to attack. Also because I was attacked by dogs 4 times in my life, needing stitches 3/4 times. I know alot of dog lovers will thumb me down and be like "Dogs are normally sweet blah blah blah mans best friend" well thats just not how i see it. I think they are beasts which can never be completely safe to be around.

I'm sorry that you have had the misfortune of being attacked by several dogs. People are to blame for dogs poor behavior . Not the dogs! Lack of training and just plain stupidy makes for a poorly behaved dog.

I would have bitten the owner in the face, on the arm & leg, and then used the same excuse he did...

I'm with #32 on this one, I've had dogs for almost twenty years and not once have I had an issue where they fought with other dogs or attacked people, maybe it's just because I have lazy basset hounds but I know that with training, love and attention from people, dogs will generally show the affection they are given.

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I with #32 on that one. I have a boxer-pointer mix and he is the sweetest dog ever. When I take him on walks or to a dog park, I never had a issue with him being aggressive. Honestly I think he likes going to the parks just to see the people. Everyone that walks by has pet him it he start whimpering and pulls out his sad eyes. The only problem is that he smiles a lot and people thinks he is barring his teeth. So I have to tell them that is not the case, that he is smiling. You can tell because his whole body is wagging from excitement. You give a dog lots of love and socialize them when they are young. You won't have a problem. It's the people who keeps them pinned up in kennels or backyard that have vicious dog and cant really control.

Yeah my aunt had this blind dog with no legs and no teeth that was in a wheelchair and I always thought it was going to attack me, dogs are really shifty.

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53# Go ahead and personify your dog as a human, but dogs do not 'smile', nor is that behavior showed with the teeth anyways. This has been Dogs: 101. Stay tuned for the next episode tomorrow.

Hey 64- let him describe it however he wants. Sometimes, it truly looks like the dog is smiling. My Maltese always smiles at my family :)

SenselessPattern 12

#70, Hence, the 'Go ahead and personify your dog' my statement started with. Back in your court, sir.

I would file a lawsuit for the owner- not the dogs fault that he doesn't know better. You wouldn't blame a small (I mean toddler aged) child for his inappropriate actions would you? No you'd blame the parents from not properly teaching their child. Dogs are the same. They only know instinct- its up to the owner to show them right from wrong.

35- "It's your own fault for making me think you're an attacker by unleashing your dog on me."

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#64 My mom had a dog that she raised from birth. She had to bottle feed it because the mom died. She used to always smile at it when she was bottle feeding. As it grew up, it tried to mimic that smile. It had never bitten anyone, growled at anyone, or gotten into fights with any other dog. But when you would walk up to it and greet it, it would lift its upper lip trying to smile. So yes, dogs can and have been known to smile. On top of the fact that dogs have approximately 100 different facial expressions. Maybe you should revisit Dogs 101 and try for a passing grade this time.

SenselessPattern 12

#81 Couple of things: Mimicry does not translate to behavior signs, and the fact of the matter is, without a mother to copy and learn from, the poor dog used the human instead. (Stating the obvious, I know.) There is also no way to know what the dog is trying to express while copying the smile. Normal behavior in pretty much every other circumstance in dogs dictates the barring of teeth to be a sign of hostility or nervousness. It can also stand as a warning as well. It is not a way to express the 'Happiness" emotion in doggie world. Instead, tail wagging and playful jumping and bouncing are a much more reliable sign. Dogs under stress and anxiety do not wag their tails much or at all. Panting can also be a sign of distress, with a human example being a sort of hyperventilation. Back to mimicry, the dog may also view smiling as a way of submission, with your mother assumably being the 'Alpha Male' of the 'pack'. Think of a comparison as to a salute being given, if you need a somewhat accurate example. With all of that nobody will have read, I end with this: Dog's are living, learning, and adapting things. This, along with all the breeding us humans have done on them over the last few millennium can certainly allow for some inherit traits such as teeth barring to have been altered into different meanings.

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Well #83 I posted a video of my dog smiling. It's titled "Ezio Smiling." since you know everything about dog behavior (it's obvious you must have copied it from Wikipedia) can you explain his behavior. Some dogs do smile to show signs of affection. If you don't believe me then ask you local veterinarian. Oh wait! You don't need to ask. You know everything about animals. Duh!

98- i wouldnt say my case was an exception. But you are right in saying my case doesnt happen very often. But the dogs sensed my fear and obviously as people say, they were curious and when I wasnt very accepting they would attack. Im not saying that dogs are evil, im just saying that no dog is perfect they still have a certain element of danger.

27, I completely agree. I lost a good chunk of my lower left calf, couldn't be stitched, I had to get it packed with 1/4" gauze strip for four weeks daily. The lawsuit's still pending.

That bites. Good for you op staying/getting into shape.

1. Your puns are bad and you should feel bad. 2. Your profile picture uses troll-face in the most inappropriate/incorrect way possible.

Some people are so ridiculously stupid.

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Yes, when I run past people I have the sole intention of attacking them.

Think the owner needs to train their dog better! Or take the dog to classes!

This is exactly why I don't understand why people decide to not have their dog on a lease.

I wouldn't want my dog on a lease. You have to return it later on or pay extra to keep it. Damn doggie dealers. This is why you buy, people.

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Those jogging suits can look very threatening.

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You need to report him and the dog. Imagine if it had been a child that this dog had attacked! It will attack again. Sounds like it has before judging by the owners response!

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Agree. This exact thing happened to my dad while running. Luckily the dog owners took responsibility and payed for his stitches. As they should. You don't have to sue, but If they are denying any responsibility you should file a police report.

Paid. It's paid. Not payed. Why is everyone screwing that up lately.

A police report and a civil lawsuit against the owner. I know a lot of folks frown on lawsuits, but some acts truly call for them. This is one of them.

What's that Lassie? There's a scary looking man who looks like a serial rapist in jogger shorts? GO GIT EM' BOY!

What a bitch, I'm not talking about just the dog.