Who's a good boy?

By Anonymous - 08/05/2020 20:00

Today, my boyfriend's vicious dog, which he got as a security measure and growls and barks at me whenever I go near it, was caught on our security camera playing like a puppy with a burglar, while the other two burglars cleaned out all our valuables. FML
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maybe you just never liked the dog and it picks up on that


maybe you just never liked the dog and it picks up on that

So he trusts those burglars more than he trusts you...

leximichelle 13

Dogs can read people. It’s probably not as “vicious” as you say it is and you’re just a jerk.

tounces7 27

This is a load of crap, dogs don't have some magical powers.

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures and pick up on people... maybe he just doesn’t like your vibe.

WistayShlaio82 13

Sorry, the dog recognized the burglars.

julfunky 29

There’s a reason for it.

Dogs that aren't specifically trained to be guard dogs or vicious towards strangers generally don't make good guard dogs.

That's a REALLY GOOD thing--your pupper is socialized properly! 'Guard dogs' are basically abused into it (police dogs are...not really treated great either, and have HORRIBLE relationships with humans other than their handlers, it's not good), and your pupper probably just thinks you smell funny. Try re-introducing yourself to the doggo with some treats and play. After a couple of times, doggy will start liking you more.