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  witchdoctor1  |  9

lol dog is mans best friend. bet a dog would think the same thing if he saw us running on a treadmill with our favorite foo being dangled in front of us... just saying..

By  LeannaLily  |  7

Hey it's the little things in life that matter most! Stop to smell the flowers, watch your dog chase his tail, these little things are what make up your life and fill it with joy! So, Enjoy!


Today, a man came up to me at the bus stop. He went into this long story about how his girlfriend is pregnant and they both haven't eaten in days. Trying to be tough and funny I said back, "sounds like you should invest in condoms instead of food." He responded by beating and robbing me. FML

By beatenbyabum - / Friday 12 June 2009 20:45 / United States
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