By Traumatized - 05/03/2011 19:57 - Israel

Today, my coworker returned the camera I lent her. After plugging the camera into my PC, I saw a file was still on it. Wanting to make sure I didn't delete something important, I opened it. To my horror, it was a video of my coworker pleasuring herself. She's old enough to be my mother. FML
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Too bad she's not your boss, you could've definitely used that to your advantage.

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perhaps she left it on purpose. something like that does not seem like it could be accidental...


Too bad she's not your boss, you could've definitely used that to your advantage.

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She's old enough to be your mother, but at least she isn't ACTUALLY your mother. That would really suck.

a legitimate reason to have nightmares. maybe you've learned now not lend other people your stuff!

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So, does that count as something important? :D

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perhaps she left it on purpose. something like that does not seem like it could be accidental...

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CommonSenseKarma, congratulations on proving that you are A) blind and B) a complete *******. And in only 5 words even! Bravo.

#50 There are some ****** up people with weird fetishes.

I'm not. But op, I would be putting that on the net. you could start making some $$ or whatever currency you guys use

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They use shekels there but most businesses will accept dollars, pounds or euros.

old enough to be mother means, technology level is the same, "delete Internet explored icon, where did the Internet go son?"

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so? just because Ppl of the same age as your mother are "old" doesn't mean they can't ********** lol

The horror is that Op saw a video of it....

I agree that age doesn't have anything to do with it, but the point is, it is a video that she shouldn't have been subjected to. It has to have been on purpose, most people are far to careful with the self made **** to just forget to delete it on SOMEONE ELSE'S CAMERA!

Learn to comprehend. Please and thank you.

Yes but it is gross to watch an old person do it...

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Horrors! Who does she think she is? Doesn't she know that it's mandatory that you stop enjoying or engaging in any sexual activity once you reach the age of 30?

30? Seriously? Are you 12? Women are at their prime in their late 20's/early 30's. And before anyone comments about my age I'm 24.

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#10, 24 years old and you still haven't learnt to detect sarcasm on the internet?

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You're 24? I'm 45 - old enough to be your dad and probably the poster's dad as well. In other words, the woman in the video was probably around my age.

I read about something about a "sarc mark" that's an emoticon which indicates when someone is being sarcastic and, at first, I thought it was a stupid idea, but then, people like #10 make me realize that the Internet contains a lot of people who might need it. Just a thought. And #20: Maybe 10 hasn't figured out sarcasm, but you still have yet to LEARN how to properly conjugate some words. For either 10 or 20, if English is your first language, shame on you. That is all.

#20's post was perfectly fine, maybe you should LEARN that there's something called British English.

Oops, (quick google search)...damn those Brits! Oddly enough, kingtz's profile says he/she is in or from L.A. Anyway, my mistake. Also, kingtz, WoT is awesome!

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Well, #5, 90 year old people are also "allowed" to masturbatehave sex, but that doesn't mean you want to WATCH them. Or have them video tape it on *your* camera. God only knows if she washed her hands before touching the camera.

I think the reminder of his/her mother was the point lol

Today, returned a camera I borrowed to a coworker. I later realized that I forgot to erase the videos of me pleasuring myself. FML

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can you send me the vid haha JK

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Why would anyone put that on camera? That's incredibly disgusting!!! FYL OP. Things are going to be a lot more awkward now.

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I meant in OP's case, and my question still stands. Yes, I've heard of ****. Pr0n? L337? Yeah, just type it the normal way.

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^^Agreed. By the way, what's L337?

on some forums the word "****" is censored, so you have to write "pr0n". of course I was talking of forums where you say pr0n is disgusting and that it shouldn't exist and I do not know any other use of that word. anyway, I'm gonna leave you and head for youpor.... uhuum, youtube!

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