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By Anonymous - 27/09/2012 15:31 - Canada - Red Deer

Today, I saw a dog trying to attack a man. I have experience working with aggressive dogs, so I pulled the dog off him and got it under control. The man punched me in the face for not having my dog on a leash. It wasn't my dog. I don't even own a dog. FML
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Kaleigh090 11

You know, I could see a guy yelling at you for not keeping (what he believed was) your dog leashed. However, to HIT you for it? That goes a little too far in my book. Release the beast and let it eat him.

What ever happened to being grateful of having someone helping you from having a trip to the ER?


feldco1 17

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OP- That bastard should appreciate you saving his sorry ass whether or not it's yours.

MagicGiraffe 12

That man's an idiot. Someone who can contain an aggressive dog would probably be able to contain a human as well...

Kaleigh090 11

You know, I could see a guy yelling at you for not keeping (what he believed was) your dog leashed. However, to HIT you for it? That goes a little too far in my book. Release the beast and let it eat him.

Agreed! I actually think punching somebody is just unacceptable unless it's self defence. I know it sounds cliché, but violence really doesn't solve anything.

Ask hitler Napoleon and Caesar if violence solves anything. Last I checked they all died because of a violent solution. Save the peace an love for a hippie drum circle ill live in the real world where violence is a fact of life.

If there was no violence, there would be no war.

I think the American revolution counts as self defense, as well as pretty much all revolutionary wars. Most wars today are just pointless.

As long as humans are around, there will always be war. Everyone has something that someone else wants.

Tribe B has the recourses Tribe A wants. Tribe A is bigger and stronger Tribe B becomes a footnote in history. Violence doesn't cause the war. Violence is a tool, I want a steak I kill a cow. That's violent did it cause a war?

Fail troll is fail. This is why people never learn.

What ever happened to being grateful of having someone helping you from having a trip to the ER?

You know what 3 I think it's always been there, it's just now we have the Internet so we can see all the ****** up stories. Question was probably rhetorical but I couldn't resist. :)

Nope. All that grateful feelings and stuff is all gone now.

I don't know, if some guy saved me from becoming kibble for Cujo, I'd be pretty damn grateful.

I agree! My first reaction would be to ask him why he didn't have better control over his dog, but after I found out it wasn't his, I would be grateful for as long as I live! I would at least take the person to dinner to show my gratitude!

Dude.. Not cool. If I see a dog attacking you, I'm leaving it. I can see you'd be ungrateful if I saved your ass out there... Just sayin.. People generally are for themselves, but then we have those who randomly give, we need to be grateful.

Actually.. I'd probably help you, I couldn't live with myself knowing I didn't try to help.

Yea, but I'm pretty sure when out in public a cat won't go up to an old man and attack him. It would probably just run away if aggitated.

feldco1 17

You've never seen that older video of that cat biting onto the police men's leg and refusing to let go? All animals are unpredictable, as much as we think they aren't.

My cat always attacks my dogs face. The most the poor guy has ever done back is bark and nudge him with his paw. My dog is 90lbs and could smoosh my 5lb cat dead, but he's a sweetie and won't hurt a fly. That's why I like dogs better =P

BeforeItWasCool 12

What kind of zen cats do you have, 25? Vicious little ***** scratch like hell!

LiesAndMischief 4

Really? The "that's why I like cats/dogs better" comment? Is it just me, or are these getting kind of annoying? It seems like they're on all of the cat/dog FMLs and they never really have a point. Plus, I hate it when people act like all dogs and/or cats are vicious or stupid or otherwise unpleasant. Every cat and dog has their own personality/temperament, that's the beauty of them. It can also have a lot to do with how you train them. Yes, there are mean dogs and cats, but both can be very sweet too.

I hate cats. most are ungrateful, greedy creatures who care only about themselves

"we don't look at the dog, we don't acknowledge the dog..."

SApprentice 34

What an asshole. Well, I hope you took the dog home. Maybe you can find his/her original owners.

KBear3109 29

Yes, because I'd want to take a dog home that I saw attacking someone...

SApprentice 34

9- OP knows how to handle aggressive dogs, so he can probably keep the dog under control, and off the streets. There's no point in being angry at the dog either- if the man was hateful enough to randomly punch a stranger for getting the dog off of him, someone that wasn't even present at the very beginning of the attack, then he's just as likely to have done something to the dog to cause the attack. In these situations I look at what the person has done, and then at the dog. Somehow in our society dogs are disposable. It doesn't matter how badly we treat an animal, the first time it lunges at us, we smile happily, call it terrible creature, and then slaughter it. We jump to kill, instead of working with it, understanding its behavior, retraining it, or just simply acknowledging what we have done to cause the problem. The majority of these violent dog attacks are because of human fault.

Go number 33! Having a grandma, and a few friends now, who breed dogs, and having volunteered to socialize abused animals for years, I've never met a dog that was violent before it was influenced by a human to act violently. And I've seen many aggressive dogs turn into loving family pets when they were given the chance.

33- Congratulations, you have made my favorite fml-ers list.

I hate when people blame the dog. It's always the peoples fault. I've never seen a case where a normal dog would just attack a person. Then they blame the breed. A dog is a dog, some are more aggressive than others, but it is the owners responsibility to take that into account when they get a dog.

#89, My neighbor's dog that we loved for many years, attacked me one day. He was very well behaved normally and was only 7 at the time. It was so severe they had to put him down and we all still miss him. Sometimes it just happens. R.I.P. Duke

You are absolutely right and one of the few with proper knowledge!

This really defeats the stereotype of Canada being the nicest country on Earth. Anyway, karma tends to work in mysterious ways.

KBear3109 29

That's certainly not the Canada stereotype I've heard.

It really depends what part of Canada as politeness fluctuates depending on the region

10- that's exactly what they are, stereotypes.

KBear3109 29

Ah. I live in the very North-Eastern part of New York. Where I'm from, the general consensus is that they're terrible drivers, trash our stores and are very very rude. They also camp in our Walmart parking lot and leave there trash everywhere. It's certainly not all of them, but a few ruin it for the rest.

Yes, I'm sure it's only the Canadians causing those problems

Where did you hear that stereotype, eh?

KBear3109 29

I kid you not. Every weekend there are campers all over the parking lot with Quebec licence plates and when they're in the stores they'll throw merchandise right on the floor and leave it there. I've worked in retail, no one in my town likes them. Like I said, it's not all of them but don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm the one that lives here.

Ohhhhh pshhhhhh quebecers. Not even the rest of Canada can stand them.

Calm down, I never said you didn't know what you were talking about. It's the Internet, don't take shit so personally. That being said, not even Canada likes the Québécois, so I see how they would be annoying aha. Edit: ignore my first reply, I did not mean to post that

KBear3109 29

Sorry. I kind of had a ridiculous argument going on in a different FML and I'm a tad edgy. That and I'm exhausted. I have 2 kids, 18 months and 6 months, and sleep deprivation is starting to wear on me. Lol

KBear's right about the shitty driving. I just moved to Toronto and If you indicate you're changing lanes, instead of slowing down they'll speed up, and give you a dirty look when passing. Among other things, they're complete jerks on the freeway. I don't know what they're trying to prove. And a ridiculous argument? I have no idea what you're talking about. What's that over there? *Crawls into hole*

omgtakenotesfrod 3

To bad that bad drivers=bad people. Definitely heard that a thousand times.

Meh, I just don't think we should all be stereotyped because of a couple shitty people

SenselessPattern 12

#57 So many FMLers are crawling into holes recently that you have the potential to create a new super race of mole-people. Just a thought.

I used to live about 10 minutes away from the border, and trust me they're not all very nice. Plus they always buy all our milk.... *******.

KBear3109 29

That's cute 57. Real cute. Lol It wasn't just you though.

We Vancouverites are pretty nice. If you go walking in down town there is always someone to give you a smile.

Fishinaddict22 1

Let the dog go and walk away... People shouldn't assume. It makes an ass out of you and... Well no, just you.

lovepandorasaver 11

Should use your maddog skills to turn the dog loose right back on his ass.