By tony1401 - 02/02/2010 16:00 - United States

Today, I got another email from Amazon asking me how I like my new Kindle. I don't have a Kindle. It's the one I bought my ex for Christmas, right before she left me while I was deployed overseas. FML
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wow shows that some people are incapable of faithfulness. FYL buddy

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Ouch. Thanks for the constant reminder Amazon. I can't believe all the shitty comments people make over someones spelling mistakes. THANKS FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY!!!!


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first! what's that

You fucking idiot.

it's a book ereader thingy you can get it free on the itouch or iPhone

it's iPod touch not itouch fuckhead. sucks OP :(

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Actually it's referred to as both the Ipod touch and Itouch. fuckhead.

im pretty sure it an "iPod Touch", not an "iTouch" only douchebags refer to it as an "iTouch", fuckhead.

i'm fairly sure it's referred to by both names... no need to have such a ridiculous argument about it.

no more use big words. my brain hurts.

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me too Grrng

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lol you jackass! even Apple has refered to it as an iTouch!

joshhh11 its either douchebag fuckhead

where did iPod touches come into this?

You can call it either and iTouch or an iPod Touch. You don't see anyone calling the iPhone an "iPod Phone", do you?

ass pirate? lol that made my day!

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I prefer iTouch or iDevice. iPod Touch is annoying to say and type.

as long as people are not going to use itouch as a prefix. For example, I'm an itouch boy. or itouch mom and so on

noo its the itouch maybe if u had one u would see the name on itunes smartone. it says (name's) itouch.

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125 ftw. :)

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no ur not

Itouch myself to Taylor swift

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Taylor swift is he one that touches me :D

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WTF fuckhead calm down and please stfu I can't read 3 comments without seeing fuckhead.

iPod touch myself

25-U r a dick. Da apple people call it an iTouch. So burn, fuckhead

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:/ that really sucks

it does.. This is one I always come across in random and feel bad for instead of just laughing.

why would u get something for your ex ydi unless your implying she stole your credit card fyl

He bought it for her. She fucking left him. Didn't even give it back. What a bitch. Fuck your life.

snickerdoodles pwns!

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according to you, you don't know English because you just said u not you. so go fuck yourself fire crotch

#30 - they always said sarcasm was an art only the intelligent could understand. grow a brain before you go trying to be witty and correct people.

#30 = WIN Fire crotch needs to take her sticky pussy elsewhere. =]

They also say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

Stop flaming the red head! heh heh...

sarcasm is the lowest form of wit only to those who have never mastered the art, and those who always fall victim to it. the lowest form of wit is actually reputedly the pun - or as some wag said, "the bun is the lowest form of wheat". #30: hahahahaha, aw my god.

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#30 ftw indeed!

#30 and #60 are both morons. Snicker gets annoying though.

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stfu the Internet is about trying to type as much as u can in as little time, not freaking essays. we're not stupid we just really don't care about spelling or shit on FML comments

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Hey, don't be hatin on the fire crotches. They're a hella lotta fun in bed

That sucks. ):

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that's so sad....:(

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That really sucks!

wow shows that some people are incapable of faithfulness. FYL buddy

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That's exactly what the FML said.

man up, bitch.

You would think someone deployed overseas would know that it is spelled with an "a." you know, because you are across the sea.