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By  Alyxi  |  20

At least he did try??? I really don't understand how anyone can not know how to coo/survive on their own but that's just me. I already teach my munchkins how to do laundry, minor repairs around the house, gardening, etc... they recently made an entire cake themselves and all I did was supervise and then cleanup for them (the cook doesn't do the cleaning here)...
Good luck and night cooking lessons could be fun/interesting ways to get closer too!!!

  stormy0307  |  16

My mother would freak out if anyone besides her tried to cook anything. She's very particular about her kitchen and cookware. It's her way or it doesn't happen. As a result I didn't really learn how to cook until after I moved out for college. A similar thing may have happened to op's boyfriend.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

Not knowing how to make pasta doesn't mean you can't cook. It just means you can't cook pasta. He could be a wizard on the bbq, the king of stirfries and good with pizzas and pot pies without ever picking up a noodle.

  species4872  |  19

Munchkins, Ha, Haven't heard that for years.

  doemetoch  |  28

It is reasonable to expect from a grown-up (or at the very least a teenager old enough to have a girlfriend and cook for her) that they have basic cooking skills. I would also be surprised and amused if a partner of mine wouldn't know how to make a simple pasta dish. FML isn't always about huge, horrible things, it's often just about these weird and funny moments. For all we know, she and her boyfriend had a good laugh about it and have been happily cooking together ever since.

  JEHR  |  13

I don't understand how you find these things mutually exclusive when it is perfectly feasible to bitch about your partner's cooking and then help them learn.

  BubbaYoshi117  |  10

You'd think. My wife made quesadillas the other night, and they turned out a little burnt. I asked how hot the stove was. She said she put it on 7.
But then after I laughed my ass off, I explained that I sear steaks on 7, and 3 is good for a quesadilla

  species4872  |  19

Geez, Last time I made toast I burnt the toaster.

  Lalala579121  |  27

This FML pretty much shows that cooking is not a thing people universally know. It's not exactly the end of the world if someone doesn't know how to cook. And yes I understand that FML isn't always about terrible things. I still don't think not knowing how to cook is FML-worthy, unless it caused an accident (such as 20's toaster burning).

By  ReineRien  |  5

I used to make microwave spaghetti cause I had nothing else to cook with. I'd break the pasta, fill a bowl with water and the sauce, covering the pasta, microwave for 20 minutes. The pasta would soak in the sauce and it was delicious.