By ALetterADay
Today, I wrote a long, loving and emotional Christmas letter to my girlfriend, leaving it for her to read when she woke up. Halfway through the day, I received a text stating that she saw my "breakup letter" and threw out all my stuff. I can't even contact her now. FML
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By  Burle  |  17

I'm guessing she didn't read the letter, just saw it and assumed it was a breakup letter. Then, working under that assumption, she threw out all your stuff. I'm seeing two very different personalities here.
Yours: thoughtful and loving, the kind of person who takes the time to write a love letter.
Hers: impulsive, spiteful - as evidenced by her throwing out your stuff - when you break up there's no need to pull that nonsense, and angry. Also probably not very invested in the relationship or she would have taken the time to read the letter.
Really sucks that it happened this time of year but it could be for the best

  sunnyskys  |  25

Spite.... it’s just a very sad thing to see. Your messing with fire. If she ever feels that you are cheating for some construed reason be prepared to find her and some other dude in your bed.