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  Aimeejasmine  |  15

As terrible as this girl is, is it really necessary to imply having small breasts is an insult? Think about all the self conscious women who read these comments, think about how you're increasing the body hatred of random women who aren't cheating pieces of scum. There's feeling sympathy for OP, and there's being unnecessarily cruel.

  I_Like_Dogs  |  28

#49, I have small breasts myself and I'm not insulted, even though I'm not quite happy with them-it's just a comment. Sorry if it offended you or anyone. However, we can't deny that it's pretty much already implied in society that large breast are better. Beauty standards have always been there (and they're obviously always the hardest ones to reach), and I don't think one comment will change that. That sucks, but that is the truth.

  RedPandax  |  23

#67, That's not always the case. Sometimes people have disorders or genes that can take into play on why they're overweight. Just because someone is fat doesn't mean they eat a lot and don't exercise. So not everyone "chooses" to be fat.

  CoGhostRider  |  31

While I do agree that his ex is trying to get a reaction out of him I think the best way to get back at her is to not have a reaction. Obviously his ex wants to hurt him and it's probably because she misses him, indifference would turn the tables on her.

By  Rkikkas9713  |  25

My last comment was just a joke. Seriously though OP, don't let people like that get to you. You seem like a wonderful person and one day you'll find the one for you!

  gracehi  |  31

It always gets me when people say stuff like this: "I'm sure you're beautiful!" "You're a great person!" For all you know, OP might have seduced, then brutally murdered his ex girlfriend's mother, then eaten her liver with sautéed onions, and so now his ex girlfriend is telling him about her new boyfriend's enjoyment of the gifted lingerie in a letter to OP's prison cell.