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By Anonymous - 28/09/2012 05:18 - United States - Hobbs

Today, my new boyfriend came over to my apartment for the first time. Up until now I thought he was great, but when he spotted the book I'm currently reading next to my couch, he uttered the immortal question, "Why do you read?" FML
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I don't think I would be able to be with someone who could utter that question in a serious manner.

joep1 7

I feel you OP. I love reading, to me they're better than movies because you feel like your right there and you can let your imagination run wild. It's a shame some people don't see reading the way we do.


I don't think I would be able to be with someone who could utter that question in a serious manner.

You would dump someone because they don't like reading books?

hb215: YES!

It can be considered quite a smart question if you look at it from a different angle. People read for different reasons and for different tastes. Bonus points if you can derive my favourite author from my username and I agree with the above posters, I couldn't date a girl who didn't like reading.

Your name is OBVIOUSLY an anagram of J.K Rowling. Jk, Tom Clancy

To be honest 29- yes in a way I could. But the two things I look for in a man are; the ability to have an intellectual debate, and the enjoyment of books so that I can share them and talk about it. Good thing I found him already, seems they're few these days. :(

#26 To put it shortly, yes.

lol I think this FML shows how much of a problem you have about accepting other people's opinion. I hate reading a book, it's just not in me. Does that make me less intellectual and intelligent than you? Hah hell no I have my different ways of learning english language which is foreign to me. Reading a book as a hobby doesn't make you more intellectual or better than anyone else for the fact. However, I must say that my statement applies vice versa also, meaning that it is as much as stupid by making a fool of someone whose into reading like the boyfriend of this lady.

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49 reading, especially reading for comprehension has been shown to make people more intelligent, when you read you exercise certain areas of you brain and someone who would say something so stupid as "why do you read?" Is clearly one of those people who are proud to be dumb and therefore a complete shit head, every human being should read

yeah true could be, but that doesn't mean that everyone who doesn't read is.

agonydrum 7

It is likely true, there is an article about it on popsci.com if you would care to see the details, and no you're right not everyone who doesn't read is an idiot, just most of them

In my experience, MOST people who don't read, simply can't comprehend what they are reading. It's just words, not a story to them.

I, personally, don't read books often. Only certain types that excite me or grab my attention. Though I absolutely love reading journalism and blogs and autobiographies, especially from my iPhone. Just because people don't read books, doesn't mean they can't comprehend them. They may just lose interest. That's why i only like certain styles of literature.

You know, I'd probably ask the same question if I saw a terrible novel on my girlfriend's coffee table too.

26- I also never date someone unless knowing them well enough first, so honestly, I would not dump someone for not reading- I would never date someone that did not read. 74- Who said the book was terrible? Everyone has different tastes. Who are you to judge someone by the book they read?

Agonydrum- That was extremely ignorant of you because I have a bunch of friends who are total nerds, and I mean like super nerds, straight A's, know all these random facts, etc, and they don't like to read. And I've also met idiots who love to read.

The debate about reading is pointless. We live in a day and age where reading doesn't necessarily involve picking up a book; and everyone now-a-days is on the internet, which has more reading material than a book could every contain. My point being, someone could simply ask "Why do you read [books]?", which is completely logical when conferred with my point above.

I completely agree on not being with someone who would ask that... If they meant it in a certain way. However, if she loves everything else about him, then it may be possible to work out this bit of contention. Take my Husband for example. He doesn't read books & I read like a woman possessed. It's always been a bit of a hiccup between us, but there are ways around it. I've convinced my Husband to let me read to him. You all never know, it very possible that he asked the question because he finds reading books difficult. His reading comprehension could be fragmented. Another example, my older brother HATED reading. Even through school I did his reading work for him. Fast forward a few years, & he met his wife. While she lived with our family, the three of us would pass around a book & read together. Once he heard how we constructed the sentences & practiced, he loved reading. He now reads mainly fantasy novels 400+ pages long. Before passing judgement or just dumping him, try to work it out.

Damn, I just thumbed my own comment when I was trying to thumb the one above it... Sometimes I hate this app. I feel like I just high fived myself...

^ tl;dr Sorry, it was the perfect context to say that

agonydrum 7

90 I don't believe you

Are you people f*cking serious, you think because someone doesnt read books they're not worth seeing? What a bunch of bookworm losers.

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I find it ironic that you say "who are you to judge someone by the books they read" when you are the one judging people by the books they don't read.

msmikaylamarie 2

And there are eight different learning styles: introspective, interpersonal, spatial, bodily, naturalist, musical, verbal, and logical. So yes there are more ways to learn than just by reading a book. The Johnson O'conner institute recognizes this and teaches each student differently based on their learning styles. They go by the saying "It isn't how smart are you? But how are you smart?" Intelligence is monitoring your own learning process, however that may be.

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I feel you OP. I love reading, to me they're better than movies because you feel like your right there and you can let your imagination run wild. It's a shame some people don't see reading the way we do.

I'm with you on that. I find that if I get into a good series (Sword of Truth, book 2 currently), I will prefer my book to tv/movie. I'm also reading more OUT of school than I did IN school.

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17- that's a great series! A bit sad how smart ladies turn into dummys when Richard is around, but very well thought out story line otherwise. You'll enjoy all 12 of them!

I'm a fan of R.A. Salvatore. He paints a good picture with his words

I don't think that it's such a big deal if the guy doesn't like to read unless he's like a total idiot. It's actually kind of douchy of OP to even make this an fml.

chesoes 8

i love reading ...and they really are better than movies u get to make everything up

Oh my god more Sword of Truth lovers!! Currently on book 5 and I can't get enough:)) tv series is horribly disappointing...

Stone of tears and faith of the fallen are my favorites. And personally after the first few paragraphs of a food book it's like I no longer see the words, instead it's like watching a movie in my head. If you can understand that.

Good book*

Ergh what a moron. I actually couldn't be with someone with that attitude towards reading.

It gets on my nerves so much when people say they don't 'do reading'. I had a friend once who said 'I don't do reading' when I encouraged him to read some books. I nearly clobbered him.

Maybe he asked it for the sake of his own knowledge as to what motivates her to read. Like a philosophical question that she took the wrong way.

I bet your probably single

But true question is, why DON'T you read. Fyl OP.

I agree with 4, I can't imagine someone asking me that question, I would probably backhand them with a book, maybe attempt to beat some knowledge into their head. FYL OP.

The way I read it perhaps the boyfriend just wanted to know *why*. As an escape? Just a hobby? To connect with others? Maybe he meant it no differently then if you would ask someone why they draw. Just a possibility

I would kick his ass to the curb with some amusing dialect...that's why you read books! You can insult someone and they won't even know you have done it. BOOKS RULE!

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Are you guys serious? So what if he doesn't read, he most likely has a different hobbie. I love to read also, but maybe he hasn't found Anyhing worth his liking to read.

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37 - Honestly, I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with not being able to get into reading (depending on what your reason is), but I could never connect with someone who doesn't share my love of books because it really is just such a big part of my life. But even my friend who wasn't GOOD at reading liked to read despite the struggle it was for her, so fortunately I haven't run into anyone like that yet.

Because it's one thing to not read as a hobby, but another thing entirely to not know the importance of reading and literacy. FYL, OP, thy life is fucketh.

Fucketh. That is a beautiful word

I've allways thought there's no such thing as a stupid question...untill now...

There are no such things as stupid questions… …just stupid people.

joep1 7

If I were to continue this relationship, they better have a damn good reason not to like reading like if they were dropped on their head as a kid. Not just them being ignorant and/or lazy.

It seems to me you need to judge a book by its content, which your boyfriend clearly lacks.

Well I like to read as well and have asked a couple women I dated why they read, but it was said like this. Why do you read books like that, they were harlequin romance books. They told me that they like to fantasize while in bed with a partner and then get upset when they are not treated the way they were in those books

No no no, you misheard him. He actually said, "Why do you read Twilight?" Sounds like a legitimate question to me. I'll wait here for your answer.

I think 50 Shades of Cosmopolitan would be a better answer. It seems to be what the majority of women are reading now.

Lol I'm not and I'm not planning to!

39- I had a friend recently order that book. I quickly went to Barnes and Noble to get her 'The Sleeping Beauty' trilogy. At least if she's going to be reading smut, it'll be good.

50 shades of grey, though I haven't read it, is suppose to be like a porno for women. about the perfect man and the perfect sex scenes. women are most turned on but what they read or what they hear, wear men are turned on visually. so by math and science it makes sense that the book is so popular among women.

agonydrum 7

The book is about a psychopath who uses women as sexual objects and abuses them physically....and btw, no you are wrong, Women are aroused more subjectively and men are aroused more objectively, I don't know what math or science you think you did but I'm guessing it was none, take a sexual psychology course and get back to me

Twilight was ok I read it but couldn't get over the fact that Bella was sooo fucking whiney! I also read 50 Shades of Grey and was never soo bored in my entire life.

Twilight was good. I read all of the books but the movies killed it. The books were actually well written.

I would love to point out that the women are not only willing, but get off of it AT LEAST as much as he does... Have you even read the book?

No, they were not.