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  0opsie  |  6

He bought his wife a new cell phone, and was planning to give it to her as a Christmas present. But the company sent her an email thanking her for the purchase and ruined the surprise.
(Or it could be that he used her card to purchase it, like other people have said.)

  Darko21  |  5

Either his wife is the primary owner of the cell phones (she pays the bills) and received the e-mail of the purchase or he used his wife's card to buy her own present.

  Jewelofagal  |  2

No, #10. If they're like most couples, they have a joint home email. During the purchase, the company asked the husband for his email address (which he gave). The company's system then automatically spit out a "thank you email" that the wife ended up seeing, thus spoiling the surprise. Idiot company needs to add another "if/then" line of code in it's programming to avoid ruining surprises.

  tttiffany  |  0

that COULD be what he did.... but the point was that the wife was dumbfounded by the fact that a random cell phone was purchased under their credit... so she just called to confirm with her husband about the charge and his surprise was ruined.

  jrad1982  |  0

I agree, my wife and I have joint bank accounts and I saw this scenario in my head happening so I straight up said, I'm taking cash out of the ATM so when you balance our account online, it doesn't ruin the surprise.

  Cass3m0  |  0

62, I was going to tell you that was an interesting thing to assume, but then I realized that my family does open their presents Christmas Eve. We are Hispanic. ._."

By  DocBastard  |  38

So the FML here is what, your surprise was ruined? That's barely even a minor annoyance.

Everyone who voted "yes" to this one, line up over here on the left. You're all getting a boot to the head followed by a swirlie followed by an atomic wedgie. You all suck.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agreed. OP, if you were slow-witted enough to give an email address she had access to, you shouldn't be shocked. The outcome is not so dire. Your wife gets a nice present and you can still slip her a little surprise on Christmas day.