By Anonymous - 03/03/2010 06:37 - United States

Today, I got an allergic reaction to Nair. It was so bad I had to have my girlfriend take me to the hospital at 2am. Where was the allergic reaction? On my nuts. FML
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Anonnamus 0

Have you ever heard the saying, "Hair on your pair? Use Nair!"? Neither have I.

Nair is not for your junk, OP! Directions: Read them.


ouchh man that sucks...but what were you doing using nair?! last i heard that was a LADY product....just saying..

Try scissors and a shaver next time OP u fool

erikahhh 0

YDI for using your girlfriend's nair!

tweetbaby14 18

Nair isn't for dudes and it even says on the can not to use on or near penial (I don't think I spelled that right) areas mening not near your penis. and when you say girlfriend I'm gonna assume you meant a friend that is also a gay guy ok and ydi fruitcup

actually they have Nair for men now, but it says right on the instructions to test on a public area in small amount in order to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction. YDI for not reading directions.

perdix 29

jdub28, I hope you meant "pubic" area, not "public" area. The f-ing "Law" here and "Societal Norms" here makes me keep my pubic area private!

caits13 0

42, read it again. You fail.

Anonnamus 0

45, read it again. You fail. :)

gee, next time y dnt u try using a samurai sword

Pearljammer001 0

haha 45 fails! dude the golden rule of fml ; never contradict perdix, he's always right!

Jrook 0

49 lol loooooooser

Perdix is a prick and you know it. Stop following false idols, you dumb sheep.

dude I hate shots anyway but in the balls that just sucks

fyl. i love a man that keeps his area clean and free of hair.

ahhh Nairobi works SO good, and smooth. and everyone they have a Nairobi for guys so stfu. however, I'm one of the few girls that enjoys some hair..O_O

Sickkid97 5

y did u Even want to grow more Hair down there?!?!?!

87 WTF? nair removes hair, it doesn't make it grow.

perdix 29

#77 mfmylifesrsly, how do you know about this stuff? Do you live in Montrose? :D Where do you get the guy's version? Please let me know and I'll happily STFU and apply it in silence. TIA

strawberryhtty 0

lol perdix u godda love the morons of the world

purplemnm 9

107 you're that fucking chick they found yesterday...WTF are you doing?

WTF iPod touch apelt nair nariobi wtf

perdix 29

119, that's hilarious! Nairobi would be a great name for a version of Nair that works on the pubes. Nairobi is in the jungle on the Dark Continent. You may gave accidentally invented one of the greatest product names ever! I'll let you me our product distributor in the Montrose area ;)

waNgEmsauCe 0

YDI for being a sissy and trying to Nair your balls.... grow up... it's just hair man

Nairobi is not in the jungle dumbass.

Pearljammer001 0

hahaha your just jealous because you can't outdo perdix ^^^^^

Pearljammer001 0

not supposed to go here^

There are several sexy redhead women on this comment thread. This makes me very happy.

perdix 29

How about the guys who are earth-toned stripes? Rawr!

cherrypieguy 0

stfu it's perdix you dumbass.

cherrypieguy 0

Im talking to number 45

purduepilot 0

32 you're a douche redneck

ydi for putting chemical on your ballsack

ha did your gf see it?!?

you may HAVE not gave, illiterate much?

re-read your post you dumbass illiterate fuck

lolx7 5

ya really?!? why were you trying to remove hair there. I mean it's better when it's like a jungle because then it is an adventure for the ladies! I like a little adventure!

Nair is not for your junk, OP! Directions: Read them.

OP deserved it, it specifically says not for use on genital areas and to do a small test bit first...

bizzylizzy 0

well said.

kaylee777 0

Nair is for women.

yes, in the back says "warning, do not use on genitals or nipples." my friend did the same thing to her lady bits and she said the burning was excruciating.

Yup. A friend of mine tried it on her eye brows to 'shape them' because plucking took too long and waxing hurt too much. She said it stung like you wouldn't believe.

I use a small coating of Nair twice a week and have for years. It burned like hell at first but after a couple of times I got used to it. Now I don't even feel it. Just smooth, soft skin and lots of positive reactions from every lady I'm with. I tried razors but I always had stubble after a few hours. Nair, like most things in life, needs to be used in moderation.

tereshay 0

the less u wear, the more u need nair! first?!

bettadenne1 0

ahhh nnooo dont nair yo nuts what r u thinking?!!

that suuuuucks. Nair isn't for yo junk though.

Brontesky91 0

He was tryin to make them look better..mayb she doesn't like hairy balls lmao.

lol that's a first

You must not have any brains to put Nair on your nuts! Did your girl want ping pong balls?!!

oh my goodness! you're def not supposed to use nair products in your private areas and on your face as well. i am pretty sure it says that on the bottle. ouch dude.


Anonnamus 0

Have you ever heard the saying, "Hair on your pair? Use Nair!"? Neither have I.

Nair is never good down there haha your funny. I like you.

what a fag guys don't shave there nuts!!!

Anonnamus 0

No. Apparently, they use Nair. Hence the FML.