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Today, I had an allergic reaction to my deodorant. My armpits wouldn't stop itching, and by the time my shift was over, they were raw and bloody. FML
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Stop using those with aluminium in it. That could be the problem.


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Remember, double pits to chest!

enonymous 8

Using the bathroom to wash your pits was too inconvenient?

Oh god you poor thing! Props to you for actually keeping up your work while in what I can only imagine was agony.

Sorry OP, that sounds horrific. Since bandaids are mostly small sizes, I might suggest pantiliners taped to your armpits. :S

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That's gross! I feel sorry for you!:'(

I didn't know old spice was introducing a new scent! Tell me, how does "Bloody Good" smell??

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well did it at least keep u from smelling? lol also, that sucks, but next time dont give in to the power of the itch.. it just gets itchier if u do.

Enonymous - that won't work with most allergic reactions. If someone were allergic to peanuts and had accidentally eaten one, would you tell them to have a glass of water? My sister has an allergy to poison ivy (far worse than most people), touching something that has been in contact with poison ivy, even after it has been washed, has still given her hives on occasion.

Agh, that sounds really painful to have "raw and bloody" armpits. *shudder* I'm so sorry OP.

Happens to me daily, minus the bleeding. I guess thats what happens when you're allergic to the metal of razors and deodorant makes it worse.

57- I think I might make bloody armpits my new curse

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73 - I take it you've never had an allergic reaction? Depending on the severity it can be complete agony. The itching can get so terrible it'll drive you mad. Scratching things usually does make it worse, but in some situations it's practically unavoidable. OP, I would have stopped whatever I was doing & gone to a doctor. F that, your boss can get the hell over it! Medical needs first.

Nice pic. I've seen that on google a couple of years ago.. FAIL

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165 - I would hope you're not talking to me? Because that's a picture of my roommate & I from last spring...

Try my new deodorant from my pharmacy. I use it because I have sensitive skin.

What was wrong with what 2 said? I agree with him! Also, you can never go wrong with sensitive skin products!

PSQ91 6

Stop using those with aluminium in it. That could be the problem.

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I'm allergic to the aluminum too so I went out and got the all natural kind. Unfortunately that stuff didn't work for me at all. Sorry OP, fyl.

FYLDeep 25

I don't know how it works, but I find the Right Guard Sport Unscented to be pretty effective.

I had a problem with the antiperspirant and the doctor gave me a cream for my arms.

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Haven't you worn deodorant before? I know a lot of them give me rashes, so I haven't changed the stuff I buy since I first started using deodorant way back when.

People can develop allergies. The immune system adapts.

FYLD, I'm surprised at you! You've been around here long enough to know that allergies can develop over time. Although I must admit I always thought that only applied to food allergies myself so I'm completely talking out my arse. I'll leave that to DocB or anyone else more learned on the subject. I used to switch all the time but it did make for sensitive skin. It pays to be loyal to your hygiene products, apparently.

FYLDeep 25

A spontaneous allergy over 1 day sounds suspicious. I would think that if you started developing an allergy your skin would gradually become more irritated. Not to go from fine to unbearable all at once.

Perhaps OP bought new deoterant? anyway I'm gona say YDI for iching. Hmm my armpits are REALLY ichy so I'm gona keep scratching them instead of going to a doctor or finding a home remedy. Are people that stupid with their health these days?

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They can't just leave work. And have you never gotten a rash ? They itch so bad I got 1 once and it hurt so bad to scratch but itched soo much I couldn't stand it

Ydi for scratching. You ought to know better than to scratch or maybe, you don't in which case ydi for lacking common sense ...

Sadly I have to agree. Yes it sucks that you got a rash, but you deserve the bloody mess for scratching it.

YDI for scratching? WTF? How would you like it if you're armpits were itching so much they became raw and bloody. It's sometimes unbearable.

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I agree as well. You could have scratched using what I call the cross method. You use your finger nails to put a cross in what's itching so you don't open yourself up.

Wow; harsh. In a way, what your saying makes sense. But your wording is horrible. Seriously; where is your sympathy?

While I see your point, itching is often done subconciously if the itch is that severe. The rash itself also could have caused the rawness and bloodiness, I've had allergic reactions like that.

Allergic reactions are a bit harder to ignore than mosquito bites.

My deodorant gave me rashes too, but luckily I didn't bleed like OP. I wouldn't blame them for scratching it. It actually starts to hurt if you don't scratch... I had to go through 5 different kinds before I realized unscented was the only one that doesn't give you a rash -_-

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That's a tough stain to explain to ppl

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Hmmm... Reminds me of the time I discovered bees are attracted to my deodorant. I discovered a bit too late, however, and was stung in the armpit.

So don't scratch. That won't make it better anyway, in fact, it will make it tons worse. Keep looking for a deodorant that doesn't do this, and hope you're luckier than I am - I haven't found one yet, so gotta put up with the itch.

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that happened to me, feel your pain totally unfortunate

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are your fingernails made of glass? or did you just look like a monkey the entire shift scratching your pits?

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