By victoriassecret - United States
  Today, I finally felt ready to take my bra off during sex. My breasts had "deflated" somewhat due to weight loss and I was really self-conscious about them, but my boyfriend insisted I was hot no matter what. When the bra came off, the dick got soft. FML
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what guy gets soft after seeing more skin. either ur boobs are weird and small, or he's GAy. my ex had smaller boobs than me almost and I'm on the slim side. losing a boner from seeing boobs seems like getting hungry the more food you eat :x

  deathcab7  |  0

well the pic is nasty,but why would anyone put up a fake pic of themselves for a displlay pic.? especially one like that. thats sooo dumb becca, if its not your real picture.

  DGross  |  8

Wow this one confused me almost as much as the breastmilk-phobia guy.

I think this FML could go either way...

On one hand sure he got soft... not a good sign and probably a valid FML, esp for him

But on the reverse at least you lost wight which is much more healthy regardless of the size of your breasts...

So many people are so obsessed with getting with a girl with DD's... whatever happenned to liking the natural girl with B's or C's ????

  DGross  |  8

lol 65...

If you think all a (lasting) relationship is about is sex and boob size then you're the one who needs the help.

I don't think you can get much more shallow than that

Oh well... that means the girls I like are the ones left looking for someone anyways...have fun


exactly! well put! I know what she's saying.. having dropped a few sizes myself.. although I'm very tiny and now look "more proportionate" now being only 5foot but u get used ta what you had soo you'll feel like that a lil while till you realize your prob. still just as gorgeous as you were before if not more so.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

@ 59 not all girls with a lot of chest have implants. I'm a natural D and I've made relationships last, but then again I have always been the one to end the relationship...

  screwlife23  |  0

wow! marry me? lol unless ur morbidly obese or really ugly u sound like you'll make some girl really happy. I thought most guys thought a 34C(my size) was too small. good job on not being shallow. :)

  Kathy24  |  0

DGross I wasn't saying that to be rude or shallow. I have B size breasts. If only most guys realized that girls with big boobs are the only ones who are hot and great in bed. I could put on some leather boots and a skimpy little outfit and be just as great as some girl with double Ds. I was just trying to say that because you can look at girls without taking in their breast sizes makes you more of a great guy. :)


Dude, there IS a such thing as natural DDs. I'm a natural DD. Or would you like to tell me that somehow, without my knowledge, as I am only 16, got silicone implanted into my breasts? Because DDs are NOT fun! Hello back problems.


Then again, #67, you're right about everyone needing help if the only thing they relate relationships with is sex and boob size. So thanks for standin' up for all us SMART people on that one. : )

  DGross  |  8

@ #159 I didn't mean any disrespect... I know a few girls too who have natural D's / DD's and your point about back problems is very true... My comments were more about girls who have A/B/C/whatever and feel like they need implants to have those DD's because that's what guys want. There are guys out there who are happy with who a girl is, not what she is...

@ # 142 My response is the way it is looking back on it now b/c I was on my iphone at the time and assumed you were a guy without looking at your user name... :-P

@ #115 umm.. thanks :-)

@ #135 lol thanks...I've never played more than some football with friends but I can see some resemblance :-)

@102 The pic I have up is me so yea, definitely not obese though ugly/not ugly is your call :-P

I guess I was just angry after reading so many posts about how she should keep the weight on to have the larger breasts... Glad to know I'm not alone in still caring about the other stuff too...

  SpyderMonkee  |  0

DGross, you proved me wrong. I thought there was no dude who isn't shallow or gay at the same time. I'm happy there's still someone out there who cares about what really matters.

  cathylee22  |  4

I don't understand why girls go out to get huge boobs what ever happened to real natural beauty. I have a big chest but atleast it's natural an not plastic!

  do20ss  |  4

15 has a point, u think we want all the hard ons we have...u think we like it when we go soft after a while? we don't but WTF can we do about it...still I don't think this is an fml, cuz there r plenty of guys that don't care about ur little flaws. now if ur psyho too, then good luck