By flowerman - 26/12/2011 17:56 - United States

Today, I had to drive my girlfriend to the hospital because she had a severe allergic reaction to the flowers I brought her. FML
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I'm sure it was an orchid situation, but at least you rose to the occasion and didn't stay mum or lily-livered when you bought them. The good news is that she'll definitely forget-you-not. In a few daisies, thistle blow over, she will kiss your tulips, and all will be forgiven.

That's bittersweet. Did she at least enjoy them before she began having a reaction?


Unlucky OP.

Damn_Hippster 11

What are the odds? Seriously, I would like to know...

Next time go with chocolates

Skywalka911 0

What if she's allergic to that too?

Is she allergic to ****? Next time play it safe and give her what she wants. "wink wink"

Nothing says "I love you" like a trip to the hospital

Ninelives_fml 3

It's the thought that counts?

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Well don't send her those flowers with the "get well soon" card

sky22_fml 7

Its the thought that counts :)

snator 0

Maybe she is allergic to milk...

That's bittersweet. Did she at least enjoy them before she began having a reaction?

Bring her 'get-better' flowers!

fadingfaith 4

That would be pretty stupid of him if he did bring flowers after seeing what happened the first time.

You're pretty stupid, there are different types of flowers

teddd14beat 13

get fake flowers

Yeah unlucky dude not much you could of done there hope she gets better soon

Like my status x)

xbrit551 13

It was kind of you though

To a point yes but on the other hand it wasnt how was he to know

DontClickOnMe 28

Aw.. That was still sweet of you to get her flowers though. Hope she's okay!

LaColombianita 26

Agreed. Maybe next time get her chocolates or balloons?

LaColombianita 26

Of course somebody had to say that lol

ceilingfans 1

Or you can send her a video of you singing along to Justin Beiber's baby while inhaling copious amounts of helium. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine. Then again, she might contract Beiber fever and have to go to the ICU.

testthecoal 5

Of all the flowers out there, allergic to yours? Damn that sucks

shahs 3

well that sucks. but.. it's the thought that counts right?

make sure you take her some different flowers in hospital :P

taytaylal 11

great boyfriend you are.