By Anonymous - 27/11/2010 06:27 - United States

Today, I caught my boyfriend cheating right after I maxed out my credit card buying him everything on his Christmas list. FML
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Why would you max out your credit card for a guy in the first place?

hope you kept the receipts!


bmboente15 0


I won't even.. Nah nevermind.

owned .. 1st post ^.^

Fail. :)

hope you kept the receipts!

shes not that smart...

soldierinarms 0

ur mean

pwincessa23 1

some stores let u return things even without a receipt.

KittehSayzRAWR 0

Return that shit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

return it all and buy urself a vibrator ;)

planbsponserme 2

but i dont understand why a grown man has a christmas list? he sounds childish

btnhdude 0

who the fuck writes a christmas list for their girlfriend to buy?!

sarinasusu 2

If not, pretend like nothing happened, and max out HIS credit cart. Effing douche.

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that sucks... hopefully you have all your receipts and you can get everything credited back to your card!

Merry Christmas!

y r u so GULLiBLE

y r u so STUPiD

xxallenaxx 0

^^ haha

My IQ just dropped to 137 from reading that.

don't be a dick I can talk however man who cares how I write does it make a difference in your life get a life and domt reply to me

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All you have to do is return everything back right ? Lol i'm guessing..Since i don't use Credit Cards..cause i'm just 15, but still. Lol Your life can't be fucked up if you CAN return them, but if i can't then, yeah i guess you're fucked. Lol

Take it all back. I can't believe he had a whole list! That's very selfish.

or, keep everything for yourself and leave the bastard!