By Anonymous - 27/11/2010 06:27 - United States

Today, I caught my boyfriend cheating right after I maxed out my credit card buying him everything on his Christmas list. FML
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Why would you max out your credit card for a guy in the first place?


pwincessa23 1

some stores let u return things even without a receipt.

KittehSayzRAWR 0

Return that shit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

return it all and buy urself a vibrator ;)

planbsponserme 2

but i dont understand why a grown man has a christmas list? he sounds childish

btnhdude 0

who the **** writes a christmas list for their girlfriend to buy?!

sarinasusu 2

If not, pretend like nothing happened, and max out HIS credit cart. Effing douche.

that sucks... hopefully you have all your receipts and you can get everything credited back to your card!

My IQ just dropped to 137 from reading that.

don't be a dick I can talk however man who cares how I write does it make a difference in your life get a life and domt reply to me

ilovemunro 0

All you have to do is return everything back right ? Lol i'm guessing..Since i don't use Credit Cards..cause i'm just 15, but still. Lol Your life can't be ****** up if you CAN return them, but if i can't then, yeah i guess you're ******. Lol

or, keep everything for yourself and leave the bastard!