By Maddy - 10/03/2010 08:00 - United States

Today, I was going to break up with my boyfriend for taking me for granted and being such a jerk. He didn't even show up for our date. FML
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At least you realized what a jerk he really is. how do all of the assholes get the girls?

@MattCole: When I broke up with my first boyfriend, I first took him out and bought him his Christmas gift before doing so. There is nothing saying that the OP's bf had to pay for a damn thing. Maybe she was taking him out to discuss it over dinner or something. She was basically showing him respect by breaking up with him face to face.


Lol! I wonder what he was doing... He is indeed not worth it face to face!


quiet kid. op don't you notice the shudder of hideousness in his eye when he looks at you? keep some sort of dignity though.. go throw ladels at his bedroom window or summin..

Haha ladles that's a new one.

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well now u have more of an excuse =]

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or if you really wanna make him mad break up with him over a text

Maybe he heard it on the grapevine!

At least you realized what a jerk he really is. how do all of the assholes get the girls?

Because girls either don't know they're assholes or they think they can change them..which never works out.

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so true .

because girls love assholes. The Game by Neil Strauss... nuff said

I'm sure Team America said it best...

One word: trickery. They act nice until they get some, then they just quit trying.

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sorry gotta say YDI shoulda seen it comin



YDI for owning a monkey. Snickerdoodles - don't reply to this FML you lesbian.

snickers. let's be friends. I like you. you remind me of chocolate.

I can hate you and want to be friends. I hate lots of my friends.


snickerdoodlesticles. u put bad bad images in my head.. bad. embrace the GINGER... bleerr.

@sealclubber if you hate your friends you are pathetic

lol at 30 GO GINGERS! and 10, stfu.

Agreed... on both. Dickerdoodles is a lesbo fo sho

#13 - mmmmm, chocolate. I love snicker...., I mean, chocolate. Seriously OP, count yourself lucky and move on...

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Snick, you were kidding about the bisexual thing, right? If you weren't I have lost all respect for you. On the other hand, if you were being funny we can go back to being friends.

You lost all respect for her because she is bisexual? That's pretty stupid on your part.

Seriously. Bisexuals are awesome! No matter whose pants they reach down, they're always satisfied with what they find.

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seems to me snickers munches more rug than a supercharged vacuum cleaner. om nom nom nom

What's with the queer-hating here with Snickerdoodles? I said I felt a girls boobs and it was a party, but she mentions it and she gets lame insults thrown at her? You're all just threatened. Keep your little shrunken dicks cowering between your legs and keep using her sexuality as a legitimate insult. I'll send in the failboat.

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it's not stupid, it's my opinion. I believe that gay/lesbian/bisexualness is wrong. I know some people disagree, but I don't give a crapperjack. Furthermore, I don't need your respect because I don't know you.

what a B**** dump him like the loser he is