By Anonymous - 12/08/2009 02:05 - United States

Today, my boyfriend sent me a text saying to call him. When I did, it went straight to voicemail. It was a recording of him breaking up with me. He broke up with me over the phone, without even talking to me. FML
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stupiidx3 0

wow. with a boyfriend like that. who can't even just tell you he wants to break up and has to do it doing all that stuff. you deserve better.

Wow, that sucks. Though I must admit that's a pretty clever way to break up with someone.


stupiidx3 0

wow. with a boyfriend like that. who can't even just tell you he wants to break up and has to do it doing all that stuff. you deserve better.

no1askdu 5

yeah she can....but u got to admit that is pretty smart...but at least he didnt break up with trough text

sexymessy 0

That's a whole new level of being an dick. **** the next girl that dates him =(

@17 I actually think that is worse than breaking up through a text, it's a much more elaborate way of saying, "I really don't give a shit about you and don't have the balls to listen to your reaction when I do this".

That's dick, but I do think that it's very creative. Of course, creativity doesn't merit respect. FYL

Agree with #54. He's a dick sure. But you have to give him mad probs for the creativity. Honestly if that was me getting dumped I'd just laugh at the cleverness of the whole thing.

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to be truthful, in gonna have to use that move one day ;)

Wow, that sucks. Though I must admit that's a pretty clever way to break up with someone.

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Not really, more of a cowardly way to break up with someone. It's okay OP, he doesn't have the balls to do it face to face. Praise the Lord you got rid of a pussy who can't deal with his own issues. Next time, fetch a REAL man. Good luck :)

how can the most cowardly way of breaking up be considered clever?

That is hardly the most cowardly way. Atleast in this way he said it to her, maybe even gave a reason, as opposed to something like just changing your facebook relationship status... or in my case finding an Etch-A-Sketch with "I am breaking up with you" drawn on.

that is pretty damn clever, upsetting for the OP, but oh so creative!

Yep he is pretty much a legend, but wether or not he is a dick does kinda entirely depend on what was in the voice mail...If he does a wonderful job (if you can break up with someone in a good way) and the only way he could do it was with a prerecorded message then, well it might have been better then talking to him in person. =). You cant judge him until you know what was said.

@36: how would it ONLY be possible to say something in a pre-recorded message?

andlifesuxagain 0

Totally Agree, So smart, but man what a pussy

Quite simply really, if the situation face to face is going to be awkward, or her interruptions don't allow him to finish what he intended to say, then it may make the situation worse, with arguments, ect.

Hello from the future! We also don’t know the girl, there have been many girls (some guys I’m sure too but don’t really hear about them) that refuse to be broken up with and will just follow him home acting like nothing is different, and talking over him or changing the subject every time he tries to bring up breaking up

americayay 0

Agreed. It's still a butthole thing to do, but it was clever. And for the post asking below this, it's clever because it's a simple way to not have to talk to her or argue or feel guilty when she gets upset. Cowardly. But clever.

CDS09 0

I agree, but I think the cowardly part outweighs anything else. You dont have to talk to her, but that also shows how selfish he break up with someone and you wont even do the decent thing of talking to them, which will make you feel a little uncomfortable, but make them feel a whole lot better I am sure.

elara15 0

Why has anyone thought this clever? It's cowardly, and he's obviously a dumbass. Clever is breaking up over her house in skywriting. The outgoing message on voicemail is just a step up from text message breakup.

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Your now ex-boyfriend is pathetic. You should be glad you two aren't together anymore. He's spineless bastard. If I were you I would spread horrible rumors about him to all the girls in your area so he can never get a gf ever again.

Why would you do that just because someone broke up with you? Fail. I don't understand the whole end-of-relationship vengeance thing. It didn't work, get over it and move on. No need to trash the other person, just suck it up and carry on with your business.

by spreading rumors, you're no better than him. even worst actually. take the high road! OP, just be glad you're out of a relationship with a douche bag who can't even tell it to your face that he wants to break up.

Good idea. He does something immature and cowardly, so she needs to one-up him and do something that is even more immature and cowardly.

I agree to some extent that other girls should know how much of a coward/douchebag he is for his insensitive way of breaking up with her. It's vengeance to some extent, but it's also repercussions for his actions. However, spreading rumors isn't the answer. The truth is enough. If anything, I think if another girl heard about the way he broke up with the OP, that would be enough of a deterrence. Then again, some girls love jerks.

MrAwesomeSauce 6

I'd start spreading rumors of his cleverness

Your ex is a fxcking pxssy. Hes no man for anyone. Shame you were with him. He needs to grow some balls. FYL FYI