By The hopeful - 26/12/2016 08:29

Today, my ex-boyfriend called me. I was really excited, thinking he wanted to get back together. He just wanted to get back the Christmas present he gave me before we broke up so that he could return it for cash. FML
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Once a gift is given you can't take it back. I say keep it.

infinite Secret 3

If you don't want to keep it, then you should sell it and keep the cash for yourself.


Perhaps giving it back would be a good start for your recovery process. I feel like I wouldn't want to keep it because of the crappy symbolism behind it. You take care of yourself and enjoy your new year! Who knows who you'll meet in the future OP!

infinite Secret 3

Instead if giving it back they could sell it and get the money for themselves ?

Don't worry OP. It sounds like you're way better off without him, and you'll find the right person when the time is right!

Once a gift is given you can't take it back. I say keep it.

That's so rude! You should steal his idea and sell it for your own cash.

haveyou000 22

he gave it to you! it is yours. he has no claim on it unless you want to give it back. maybe instead of keeping it, you should see about getting rid of it so its not a constant reminder.

you should sell it and buy yourself something nice

Did you give him a present? Cause I can't blame him that much if you haven't given him anything. Especially if the gift was only supposed to be opened on the 25th. That said, unless that was the case, it does sound like he is being a dick. Especially as it sounds like it was his choice to break up.

How does it matter if the OP gave him a present? Giving gifts to get them in return is just dumb and childish. In my opinion, once you've given someone the gift you chose them it's no longer yours even if you're a petulant child and want it back later. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Isa_fml 20

Doesn't matter, taking back gifts is incredibly bad manners. Plus, you shouldn't give gifts expecting something in return! Shouldn't be the point of giving.

If they were supposed to wait until Xmas, then how did they get ahold of the present: steal it from under the tree? I'm guessing he gifted early. Which is almost worse bc if he would've waited, he could've changed his mind. Now is too late. But, meh, maybe he's just looking for an excuse to meet up. Psst. Wonder what the gift is. Hope it's hella expensive.

if you like it, keep it. who cares where it came from. and if you don't like it then return it and keep the money for yourself.

I hope you stood up for yourself and told him no. Asking for a gift that he gave you before you broke up back is a dick move.

Don't return the gift: You have a 0% chance of ever getting back together with him, but a 100% chance of keeping the gift. Meet him to return the gift: You might have a 5% chance of getting him back and an 8% chance of keeping the gift.