By lovefool - 12/01/2011 10:58 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend of a year dumped me by text. It's also the day that the birthday present I ordered for him was finally processed and shipped, meaning I can't cancel and get my money back. FML
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Sell it on eBay?

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Save it for another special someone? Or you could always sell it...


this same thing happened to me...

umm no? coz if they were they'd have actually written the FML, not commented under the FML saying that the same thing had happened to them.....silly :p

what does op mean?

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once it arrives, send it back, problem solved, threat averted, over and out.

Did you give it to your next significant other? Cause that's what I would do.

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This literally happened to me last week

that's gotta suck:/

-Wow, that really sucks op :/ -

Sell it on eBay?

I'd sell it on ebay, take it for yourself, give it as a gift for someone else, or donate it :D

It was probably shipped to him, not her.

It's a possibility, but we don't know.

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Save it for another special someone? Or you could always sell it...

Try not to be so clingy next time. It's obvious that you were reading the writing on the wall. You tried to salvage what was left of your floundering relationship by buying an over-priced gift. He didn't want to break up in person because you would have caused way too much drama. Thumbs up to the bf and his perfect timing!

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What the fuck is wrong with people like you? Way to be a cruel, judgemental and insensitive asshole.

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You can't get your year back, either!

Hey, just go take It to a pawn shop. lol