By ghoul - 08/03/2011 11:32

Today, I found a dead squirrel under my son's bed. Apparently, he has been keeping it there as a "pet" for the past week. FML
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yeah, I want to congratulate him on catching a squirrel, they're sneaky buggers.

squirrels are rats with a fancy suit uuugh

Was his name Foamy? Foamy is one funny squirrel!

shoulda bought him that goldfish he wanted ... tsk , now instead your son is well on is way to becoming a serial killer :D com'mon it's not like he FOUND it like that. also you may want to wash all the kitchen knives :p

mona_is_here 10

You know, there was an FML here about someone's son keeping crucified mice under his bed... I guess, your son and him would make real good friends.

If he starts foaming at the mouth, you may want to get him checked out.

lemoncows 2

shoulda listened when he said he wanted a puppy...

RedPillSucks 31

That's what I was thinking. First he practices on squirrels, then...

let's add locks them away and does not feed them till they die....

Sounds like the beginning of a real life horror movie. Or maybe another Dumb and Dumber flic. Assuming he has a best friend...that's alive...

Was the squirrel alive when he got it?

spd2fst4u 5

stop saying no and get him a dog! geez

cptmorgan15 2

Better buy him a dog quick or who knows what else he'll make his pet.

fthku 13

Most likely he will kill the dog. NOT a kid I would buy a pet for. OP, you might want to introduce him to the Janitor from Scrubs.

sourgirl101 28

That's nuts! Did he want to love it, and pet it and call him George?