Mean girls

By oc_cheergirl - 06/04/2011 02:32 - United States

Today, I wore my cheerleading uniform to my boyfriend's house. He was a nerd in high school and mentioned a fantasy about hooking up with a cheerleader. I started acting sassy and a little mean, figuring he would enjoy a more realistic experience. Apparently not, because he started to cry. FML
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Well, I imagine that he was called names and such in high school, and when he he mentioned a cheerleader fantasy, I don't think he thought he'd be getting the stereotypical 1990s bitchface cheerleader stereotype.

Awww poor baby, hope you made it up to him.


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she should of been nicer to him and showed him her ****. he wants to hook up with a cheerleader not get bullied by one. :p

maybe its a fat cheerleader and thats not what he wanted. or like others said. hes a wimp

she was probably hoping he'd take charge and show her what happens to naughty cheer leaders...

17 your stupid; I've never heard of a fat cheerleader...

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Obviously he was crying because his eyes couldn't stand the sight of a fatty trying to fit in a cheerleading outfit.

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24 - lol there are a lot of fat cheerleaders..

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similar thing happened to me, except I was the cheerleader in school and lois was the nerd. so to answer people's question yes there is fat cheerleaders.

I cried just from reading these comments.

this, is when you push her up against the wall with a light choke, turn her around, spank her, and take control. not be a pansy like OPs boyfriend. damn. bitch guys make the world less fun.

if that would have happened, you wouldn't have had the chance to post.... so yes I agree that he should have done that, and saved us all the agony.

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he's not stupid I've seen fat cheerleaders

I've been using a fat cheerleader for my living room couch for over a year now. they do exist.

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I dated a cheerleader in High School, she was the only "semi" good looking one on the squad.

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I'm a cheerleader but my bf doesn't cry when I'm in my uniform ;)

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hahaha you've never been to Texas then!!!

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Texas.... I seriously LoL'd Texan girls can cheer but most of them specially "deputaunts" r hidious my all-star gym owner who's from Texas can vouch for that he says ny girls r more natural n prettier

A lot of girls from Texas are actually very pretty.

165: NY girls aren't all natural. they're full of all the Botox, nose jobs, facelifts and disgusting fake boobs mummy and daddy buy them.

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165 NY ftw and 169 ur retarded

what if a family or close friend died? then you might cry. there's no solution to that problem. then there's crying because of pain but that's involuntarily. don't think I've ever cried of joy before

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169. NY girls aren't full of Botox. not many of them are super rich. in fact most girls aren't. all you did was prove that you have negative stereotypes about people and that you show xenophobic tendencies

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24, I have. I had a bunch in my school. *shudder*

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well that's when you throw him down on the bed and do nasty nasty things to him

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okay? and that other person talking about texans isn't stereotyping? I'm from Texas and im naturally beautiful? there are pretty people everywhere :) don't hate on Texas

Ooooh jeez, yes there are overweight cheerleaders. lol at our school it's a joke

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169* I think ur mixing up coastal references Botox implants and stuff is mostly in Cali

216- I was thinking more like Miami for Botox ... js

at my high school we had one. at the football games they stood on wood boxes and she jump and on the way down broke through the box. it was amazing.

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Fat cheerleaders = Pyramid bases Southern girls = Purtier than Northern girls 168 = Definite exception to the above

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I live in NY, but I agree with you. A lot of the girls here are fake. Though I don't think any place is completely devoid of naturally pretty girls

pussypussypussypussy lmao what a pussy :P

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so youre naturally beautiful yet your picture is of a dog, 55?

296 only because someone is pretty doesn't mean they have to show themselves off on their display picture.

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Careful 73, that 'bitch guy' will probably be your boss, the judge at your hearing.

The fantasy isn't too **** a bitchy cheerleader. It's for the cheerleader to want to **** you. At least that's mine.

Awww poor baby, hope you made it up to him.

clever stuff, can't help but think though it's still kinda pathetic.

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maybe crying was part of his fantasy and he expected her to apologize on behalf of all mean hot girls.

Or bring all the mean hot girls over.

That might cause him to cry even more and then wet himself with fear.

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That is hot. A grown-up nerd surrounded by cheerleaders, soaked in his own tears, piss, and ****. Nothing says fun night like that! And OP, so it is true? In the end us nerds get the gals? :D

"Was" a nerd? Still sounds like one to me if he cries...wimp.

You act like you never cry. Someone crying doesn't make them a wimp.

You're completely right 32. Crying is the proper way for a non-wimp to to take care of a problem. I guess the real wimps are those who actually handle their problems head on. My bad.

crying because your girlfriend was "being sassy and a little mean" won't make most men cry...but you never know those could have been tears of joy

So the only time people cry is when people are presented with a problem and not any other set of circumstances or happenings?

So you just walk around crying for no reason whatsoever? There are tears of joy but other than that people only cry when they have a problem with someone/something. At least that's my understanding of crying, I may be incorrect here.

It doesn't make someone a wimp to cry. People cry all the time. Sure in OP's case, that's a little wimpy. But saying in general that it makes people wimps to cry, is ridiculous. When something happens that upsets you, it's natural to cry. That doesn't make someone a wimp.

'There are tears of joy but other than that people only cry when they have a problem with someone/something.' My guess is that OP had a problem with his girlfriend being mean. Just a thought.

ya, it also means stricken, so it's used as an acknowledgment when someone strikes back :p normally physically in like a sword fight, but verbal strikes work :) *stabs*

I think that Ops boyfriend was a wimp here because he was used to being a nerd or a wimp in high school so it was Just natural for him to cry because he doesn't know any other way of expressing himself, I dunno I could be wrong here tho.

Yes crying is normal, but crying over your girlfriend trying to be sexy for you? That's retarded. Not trying to "flaunt my manliness" or anything like that, but I never cry. So thinking thinking of someone crying over this is just ridiculous to me. :o

The direct translation of touché is touch. But in this case it means you made a good reply. otherwise crying doesn't always make you a wimp, I agree...if someone saw their child dying it would be more than understandable to cry...but to cry when you're about to have sex with a (probably smoking hot) cheerleader is 'wimpy'.

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I'm guessing the ops boyfriend was a nerd and has been bullied in high school and brought back old memories which made him cry.

maybe he's just emotionally scarred by a abusive life in high school. and by her bullying him he got reminded of this and cried. there's tons of disorders for this shit so quit judging the guy.

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Okay wimp and nerd are so not the same thing. Are you all really that dumb?

wow you guys are all full of it!! op's bf was probably crying because he was traumatized by his highschool experience, not the fact that his gf was dressed in a cheerleading outfit and was acting sassy and mean.

you guys are all so full of it. op's boyfriend is obviously traumatized by his high school experience that seeing his gf in a cheerleader outfit and acting sassy and mean triggered a deep emotional reaction in him. that is something that he can not control, so it's not fair for all of you guys to be calling him a wimp. listen, don't judge.

I agree with 36 and will use that point in future arguments.

People don't cry, girls cry so he's eater a wimp or a girl. take your pick.

you have anime as you're picture tough guy .... her bf is stickin it to her and he's sticking it to her hard 0.o don't you ******* forget that

Good job making a completely irrelevant point 197. Oh and btw, your*

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191 thinks that girls aren't people? How does it feel to be a dumbass?

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you gotta understamd that she means crying is appropriate at some times but i dont think this was one of those times. he is a wimp but ur not a wimp if u cry now and then at hard times.

32- I think 5 was trying to say that he's a wimp because his girlfriend did something like that (which would turn most guys on) and he cried. Although I could be wrong!

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agree completely... people on this site can be such dicks. Show some freekin compassion for the guy.

I think you're just mad because your dad never hugged you

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ironically, im a cheerleader, my bf's a total nerd. just FYI, just cause a guy cries does not make them a nerd. conducting homemade experiments, trying to find new mathematical formulas, and studyin 24-7 makes someone a nerd, which btw is not a bad thing. nerds r the ones who get the good jobs and work hard and are always thinking, unlike a jock idiot who have bashed their body n head into other ppl so manny times, they could prob b considered retarded.

High school can be cruel to people, he probably thought back to that time and had a small breakdown. Give him a break.

Just gonna put this out there.... It's not unheard of for a nerd to have a tough time in highschool... Bullying has and always will be a serious problem.... And this could be easily the impacts of bullying

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Dude, 100, this guy had was remembering how it was like bullied. Being bullied is horrible, although, you wouldn't know that would you? You probably WERE as bully

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"nerds are cool people" best statement ever. finally someone showing us nerds some love.

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Thank you! wait does that include video game nerds too?

revenge of the nerds - the end where the nerd gets the cheerleader. the girl asks why he was so good and he says all jocks ever think about is sport. all nerds think about is sex

haha that's funny I've seen that movie before

haha now all of you nerds come out of your holes just because some 14 years young teen told you guys you are cool. damn, here it comes: you're not.

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im a cheerleader and we actually love guys who care about us and not use us.

138 - First, I'm actually 15. Maybe you should take the time to look at someone's profile before making assumptions. Second, nerds are actually cool people. They actually get good grades, are most of the time intelligent, and care about people's feelings. I would rather date a nerd who actually liked me for me than some hot jock who just wants to get in my pants. It's arrogant ass holes like you that make nerds feel like crap about themselves and piss people like me off. Stfu and go back to your cage.

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I used to be a cheerleader. I refuse to date jocks. Never once been treated right by them and don't expect to even long after Hs. Nerds tickle my fancy, and most girls I know agree. Poor boy cried. She should've known he was picked on by cheerleaders.

what if its an intelligent man who respects you and wants in your pants? :D lol

I think whatever fantasy he had is gone now.

Maybe there's a reason he's a nerd. I believe you just found it.

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Just because you're a nerd doesn't mean you cry! I am pretty nerdy. My friends and I were "the nerd herd" in high school. None of them would cry over something silly like this.

it proberly brought back some bad high school memories.

OP, FYL. nerd or not, a real man would know how to treat a "little mean" cheerleader. I could give you a list of what i would do to you, but mods are lurking