By Anonymous - Netherlands - Vianen
Today, while at work, I managed to scrape open the inside of my nose with my fingernail, drawing blood in the process. I had to quickly up an explanation for my scream that didn't go: "Well, I was scouting for boogers..." FML
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  Amethyst888  |  14

Okay honestly what is a n00b face or a n00tch? I'm actually mildly curious now, are they like curse word substitutes, new curse words, or maybe just martian curse words you picked up while on their alien spaceship?

  XHerobrineX  |  4

54-Well... A n00b is gamer slang for newbie. So n00b face must mean a new face.... Plastic surgery???? n00tch could be a misspelling of Notch, the god, (creator of minecraft). So, to conclude, n00b face=someone who had plastic surgery on their face and n00tch= a god. Now you know!

  indy316  |  0

ahaha wow, way to repeatedly prove to be a major dick, 58! "n00tch"... was that you trying to be clever? i have a strong desire to punch your face. hmm.

By  Finnick_fml  |  12

Why would you pick your nose somewhere in public..? If there are people close enough to notice your scream and ask about it, then chances are your fingers shouldn't be up your nose. :P

By  egc573  |  40

How hard were you scratching? Damn.

And if you really feel the need to explain this, you could just be as indirect as possible: "the mucus quest went bad", or something. Or even, "Had an accident."

Or maybe you could use the old standby: "None of your business."