By Anonymous - 05/07/2012 04:01 - Canada - Brampton

Today, my brother thought it would be funny to pretend my tampons were "dynamite" and run around the house throwing them at my friends and family. FML
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Way to put a positive spin on possibly one of the most unique ways for a person to express theor mental handicap.

And he's not completely wrong... I thought it was funny.

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I agree but when i finds out what they are really used for he'll be scared for life :O

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Well, funny or not, it wasn't too nice to OP. Period. And the clever beast does it again! How am I still single???


I don't see why some women are so embarrassed about their tampons. You're a healthy young woman, so you menstruate and use tampons. What's to be ashamed of?

1- yes he really does have those creative juices flowing. and hopefully those are the only "juices" flowing. (:

Say that your brother likes barbie dolls in front of his friends.

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A much better way to carry this out would be to throw glitter all around the room and toss actual barbie dolls, all in pink clothes, randomly in the room. Right before his friends arrive. And when he tries to spin it off on op, act like it's an everyday occurance or something. :)

45 woah shit got real right there, don't make me murder your family.

Why would it be negative that he likes Barbie dolls..? I mean, except for the part where Barbies suck in general, boys can like dolls too, y'know... No need to be sexist about it.

62: Come at me, brah. 68: Yeah! My cousin and I played with barbie dolls when we were little and even though I'm a girl and he's a boy, he actually seemed to enjoy it more than me!

Did he light them? Or make exploding noises?

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Either way he's right, that is pretty funny.

Oops, looks like I forgot the PERIOD on my last post.

Perhaps it was intentional so your joke would work.

No, I didn't even catch it till a few hours after.

Even if it was intentional I still applaud him for the creativity.

ahahhahaa i see what yhu did there ... bloody ... ahaha i get it LOL

Well better then real dynamite. Did he light them?

well if it was real dynamite, & they were lit, they would probably all be dead.

That sounds like a story to tell on his 21st.

"remember that time when you thought tampons were dynamite?"

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How old is your brother? o_o

Couldn't help but read that in Robin Williams voice from jumanji. Similar to "what year is it?!"

Great movie, did you shave with a piece of glass

Sorry, posted this at the same time as the previous comment, didn't know it was a repost

Lol of they were used, then they'd even look like dynamite! But that's really gross. FYL.

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Gross at least its not a used one.

I was just about to say that on another comment, good job I checked, saved me looking like an idiot :)

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Did he light them first? :D I dunno, that seems pretty funny to me, OP.