By Steve - 24/02/2011 19:32 - United States

Today, I put aftershave on my fingers to encourage myself to stop biting my nails. I absentmindedly rubbed my eye a few minutes later. It burnt like hell. FML
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The burning pain distracted you from biting your nails, so mission accomplished!

Sinkhole 26

You should use garlic instead, and next time, put it only on your nails!


Sinkhole 26

You should use garlic instead, and next time, put it only on your nails!

good idea man, that's gonna smell so bad

UpsidedownKayak 9

Zmeilerr, OP's name is Steve.

Sinkhole 26

UpsidedownKayak, Zmeilerr was talking about me! Can't blame Hanimon though, sinkholes can be a bit ambiguous, even when they have that pink line around their photos! Oh, and the garlic is supposed to smell and taste bad, that's what helps people stop biting their nails. He doesn't need to rub the garlic over his nails, there's special clear nail polish with garlic. Sure, it would probably look odd in a man, but it would definitely stop him from biting his nails.

29 - Do you even know why people bite their nails? If they're out and they get the urge, they're not going to stop chewing to think, "Hey, maybe I should clip my nails instead!" Clear, foul-smelling nail polish will work, but it will look weird on a dude. I'm sure there are remedies for males so they don't have to resort to the female remedy.

Sinkhole 26

He's not supposed to clip his nails when he's out and gets the urge, he has to maintain them short. If there's never much nail left to bite, he'll probably stop at some point. Sure, the nail polish might look weird on him, but, then again, it will help him stop so that he doesn't have to keep wearing it. However, there are other options, such as creams and oils that work as deterrents too, and that would most likely be a better choice for him.

True, though I've seen many people continue biting even when their nail has been bitten down to the quick. I've seen some go further and gnaw on their cuticles.

Sinkhole 26

Yeah, I've seen that too, especially in men. I think that the best think he can do is try to keep his hands busy, chew gum (even if that's not particularly good for his health or his teeth) and/or look for a deterrent that could work for him.

sourgirl101 28

Sinkhole is correct. If there isn't much nail left to bite, then they might stop the habit. I did. But Steff is also correct. It depends on the "type" of nail bitter. Some do it out of nervousness. Not even pain would stop them.

Why do you correct everyone or argue what someone will say on FML? I've seen you on other posts and you always seem to be feeding the trollololols.

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Sooo now you know what it's like to "dot" your "I's"?

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The burning pain distracted you from biting your nails, so mission accomplished!

mintcar 9

WTF? Aftershave? Just get some acrylic/artificial nails or something?

I think that would look pretty stupid on a guy.

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Oh Steve... I clearly didn't read that part.

UpsidedownKayak 9

You're not as sharp as your razor. I hope your razor is sharper than you or you're face will hurt like your eyes do now.

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lmao after shave?? sucks 2 be u ....

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that's what I thought WTF aftershave

You know, they have clear nail polish that is meant to help you stop biting your nails. It taste horrendous, and works like a charm. :)

KVKdragon 26

that's true but imagine a guy with super shiny nails. my mom actually thought I put clear nail polish on my toenails because it was so shiny, the real cause being me filing my toenails since they looked horrendously embarrassing

There are ones that aren't shiny at all and you can't even notice that you're wearing them :)

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