By ew - 03/08/2014 18:49 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I painted my nails in the car. After I finished, I stuck my hands out the window to let them dry. When I pulled my hands back in there were live bugs stuck in my nail polish. FML
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cjwayy 22

Why would you paint your nails in your car? What if you had spilled?

Well that sure makes for a sticky situation. Doesn't it bug you whenever you mess up your nail polish?


cjwayy 22

Why would you paint your nails in your car? What if you had spilled?

Don't be so dramatic about it, #1. Let her do her things in her car. You go, girl!

Yes, like those girls that love to show off their multi-tasking skills by driving, applying lipstick and mascara at the same time... All while driving in 2 lanes.

rocker_chick23 27

You forgot texting.

What if you spilled? That's your worst case scenario!? How about "What if you plowed through a group of school children because you weren't watching the road?"

OP never said she was driving. She could have just been in the passenger seat.

BlockOfRedStone 25

#55, OP never said she was driving

Iron reaver soul stealer

trellz17 19

Be cool Inuyasha

Now all we need is poison emitting nails. Foolish bugs, how dare you weaklings touch this Sesshōmaru.

enu_vastanii__ 9

I think you should've seen this coming..

Why would she paint her nails in a car? I suppose one reason could be that he was in the passenger seat of her friend Minerva's car on the way to their night job as ring display models for an upmarket jewelers. She's done it a couple of times before, but this time she really needed the money. her cat'#s spleen had exploded the week before, and vet bills has put her seriously in the red. nervously thinking about her desperate finance sityuation, she absentmindedly chewed on her ring finger, scraping off a chunk of 17 'date night' red specified by her manager. SHIT! Luckily she had the pot in her handbag for this very reason! She pulled it out and worked on covering the gap. What would she do if it spilled? Clean it, probably. I'm just guessing, though!

She said "the car", not "my car".

riotofquiet 14

#95 tl;dr

Like if you were too lazy to read #95 entire post.

What ever happened to common sense?

Common sense isn't too common anymore. It's like having a superpower nowadays

Common sense must have been left out to dry.

Her common sense flew right out that window when she got the genius idea to stick her hand out to dry her nails. [OP] ------------- [common sense]

I saw an obituary for common sense a few months ago...

I think the line of common sense jokes are becoming stale...

Your comment stinks, but I guess that's one of FML's common scents.

Well that sure makes for a sticky situation. Doesn't it bug you whenever you mess up your nail polish?

I hope you're not a nail biter

Everyone needs a little extra protein in their diet!

You better have been pressed for time to pull this one

Hey beetle beads make great decorations. You've started a new fashion trend.

Ha it's not new, don't any of you remember the evil queen from a troll in Central Park? She stuck the bugs right on

Well, it's not too shocking. Have you heard of "Zoo Jeans," the pair of blue jeans they auctioned off for ridiculous amounts of money in Japan? Apparently, the jeans were tied to a scratching post in the lions' habitat in a local zoo, and they were intentionally scratched and torn to resemble faded torn jeans. They're also auctioning bear- and tiger-ripped jeans. The "nature" look is coloring people surprised these days.

zaphinarosee 8

3D nail art

Really isn't safe to be painting your nails in the car anyway

onealmxwilson 18

She didn't say she was driving.

Dweeds never said OP was driving.

If youre not driving, then painting your nails in the car is totally safe.

However, if she wasn't driving there would be no point in sticking her hand out the window to dry her nails, unless it was very windy, in which case YDI anyhow.

#62 Clearly you fail to understand the fact that when the car moves at even an average speed the end force that is created would be enough to dry nails. Even if there is no wind. You should rename yourself to True_Stupidity.

Maybe she just wanted her nails to dry before she got to her destination?

My point #64 was that unless there is natural wind, the car must be moving which implies that the OP was possibly driving.

I can't say I would ever care enough to paint my nails in the car, but the assumption that OP was driving puzzles me. I figured someone else was.

#77 because it's not like she could have been sitting in the passenger or back seat while someone else was driving...

vividpictures 17

Just because the car might've been moving doesn't necessarily mean OP was driving. Like people have already stated, she was most likely in the passenger seat.

She never said she was driving ... Being that she stuck her -hands- not -hand- out the window, it's likely safe to assume she was not steering the vehicle with her foot

biasedshooter 24

Did that bug you?

Anymouseinthe 3

Bet you were buzzing with excitement