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  ptoka  |  20

Yes, like those girls that love to show off their multi-tasking skills by driving, applying lipstick and mascara at the same time... All while driving in 2 lanes.

  Plexia  |  9

Why would she paint her nails in a car? I suppose one reason could be that he was in the passenger seat of her friend Minerva's car on the way to their night job as ring display models for an upmarket jewelers. She's done it a couple of times before, but this time she really needed the money. her cat'#s spleen had exploded the week before, and vet bills has put her seriously in the red. nervously thinking about her desperate finance sityuation, she absentmindedly chewed on her ring finger, scraping off a chunk of 17 'date night' red specified by her manager. SHIT! Luckily she had the pot in her handbag for this very reason! She pulled it out and worked on covering the gap.

What would she do if it spilled? Clean it, probably. I'm just guessing, though!

  amisenho  |  11

Well, it's not too shocking. Have you heard of "Zoo Jeans," the pair of blue jeans they auctioned off for ridiculous amounts of money in Japan? Apparently, the jeans were tied to a scratching post in the lions' habitat in a local zoo, and they were intentionally scratched and torn to resemble faded torn jeans. They're also auctioning bear- and tiger-ripped jeans. The "nature" look is coloring people surprised these days.

  BSnapZ  |  21

#62 Clearly you fail to understand the fact that when the car moves at even an average speed the end force that is created would be enough to dry nails. Even if there is no wind.

You should rename yourself to True_Stupidity.

  Raewyn  |  8

I can't say I would ever care enough to paint my nails in the car, but the assumption that OP was driving puzzles me. I figured someone else was.

  cantfixme36  |  28

She never said she was driving ... Being that she stuck her -hands- not -hand- out the window, it's likely safe to assume she was not steering the vehicle with her foot