By virginat16 - 14/12/2010 11:00 - United States

Today, I got a call from a restricted number. When I answered, it was a prank call. The kids on the other end had porn on high volume and put the phone next to the speaker. Way to remind me that I'm still a virgin. FML
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''virginat16?'' YDI if you think there's something wrong with that.

how do you know it was ****? the other side of that call may have been dirtier than you think


being a virgin is something you can change. YDI.

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easier for women to fix. Just go to a bar alone and not say "no".

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OP is 16, pretty sure you can't go to a bar at that age....

Why's she complaining that she's still a virgin if she's only 16 anyway? Kids these days are stupid. Get a boyfriend, he'll be up for it. Good day, OP.

I'm with #84. Stop worrying so much about sex, there is zero shame in being a virgin at your age. Sex will happen eventually, and you'll have it a million times, and it won't be no thang. Focus on important things that actually matter for now, like school. Sexually active people are NOT something to idolize.

you better wear protection while you listen to **** over the phone or you might get hearing aids.

when I opened this I expected to see the name Steve Carell. your 16. I really can't expand on this your bloody 16.

#165, that's your problem, I'm 16 and I'm still a's really not that big of a deal. OP focus on sports and school, alot if my friends who lost their virginity at a young age regret it now

a) Look at your profile name b) You're from Edmonton. Hence, virgin.

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oh god get a bf,that could change soon enough...I'm still a virgin,being a virgin is nothing to be shamed about,virginity is gods most precious gift to humas,keep it for the right person OP.

lol legal age in the UK is 16 and a lot of people lose their virginity at like 14/15/16 but I know plenty people past 16 who are virgins and no one cares; it isn't a big deal. however sex is lush, so get a boyfriend and get laid ASAP. :*

#165 shame on you then -_- thats nothing to be proud of

agreed. FYL and YDI OP if you're older than 21. FYL if your under 21

It says you're from Texas...just ask your dad or your brother; I'm sure neither of them would mind helping you with your little "problem." I say "problem" because you're only 16. What's wrong with being a virgin at that age?

she's only 16...I lost my virginity at 18

I agree that there isn't anything wrong with being a virgin at sixteen. However, an "incestuous hick" jab directed toward everybody in the state of Texas is probably not the way to go about making your point. All it really does is make you look ignorant and disrespectful. I know you wouldn't like it if people went around judging you and making snide remarks based on completely untrue stereotypes. Where do you live? I'm sure there are a few from which to choose.

31- WTF does Texas have to do with anything. stupid stereotyping bitch.

22- Are you serious? Calling a virgin a ***** is ridiculous. Please look up the definition of ***** in the dictionary.

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You're statement about Texas was just ignorant and stupid. People do that all over the world, so maybe you should rethink you're post? I'm sure people do it where you live too.

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Ya I'm pretty sure #31 was just joking about the whole Texas thing, so all of you guys can put your guns away now

I'm sure he was really eluding to the Amish. Texas just makes idiots like bush, and the fatest cities.

174- **** you too. you can't talk shit about Texas if you live in Canada. and Bush did a much better job than what Obama is doing

Texas produces wonderful human beings such as myself. Now go **** a strip of bacon with a hockey stick and use your abundant supplies of maple syrup as lube. Good day, eh.

176. bush didnt do anything for america but f this place up. obama is tryin to fix all the mistakes that bush did. yeah i liked bush better than obama anyway.

183- I don't think the health care plan is helping very much. more people said no to it than yes but it still passed.

dude his health care plan is better than any around. believe it or not but it is. it was hard for me to believe it to but it is. yeah obama promised us all this stuff and we still havent gotten it yet. but its gone take atleast 3 or 4 more terms of people like hime to get the job done.

how do you know it was ****? the other side of that call may have been dirtier than you think

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exactly, mabye it was a butt call

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Who blocks their number for a butt call???

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Aw. There was no way they could've known........

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The prank callers, unless they know OP, couldn't have known they are a virgin.

YDI for being oversensitive. Just leave your phone on and start doing ohter things, they'll hang up because there's no fun in that. But if I were one of those prank callers and you'd start sobbing I would probably piss my pants. Grow up OP.

Should have pretended you were a cop and busted the kids for being on ****

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It is if you're under 18, dumb ass

urmm how do u know if its actuall **** though? it couldve just been sounds... maybe.. hahahabut yea it is illegal if ur under 18

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I don't get your problem??? You have a problem not to be a ****? well... get laid if that so... geeee

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but she's 16, there is no rush to have sex when you are 16. Now if she was pushing 20 she might have reason to be annoyed

I'm nearly twenty, and I'm still a virgin. I personally see nothing wrong with it. I haven't wasted my first time on the wrong people I've dated. I don't see why there is so much pressure for people to lose their virginity before graduating highschool.