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By anonymous - 14/12/2010 11:52 - United States

Today, I went to feed my neighbor's cat while he was out of town. The cat was sick, so part of my job was to give it a pill each time I came. Cats don't like swallowing pills. My neighbor forgot to mention that his cat wasn't declawed. I was wearing shorts. FML
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Surely you should assume that all cats have claws until proven otherwise?

Is it the norm for cats to be "declawed" over there? How mean.


LOL, just realized that after reading too fast. Anyhow, tell your neighbor to get a dog!

fakeaccountX 6

Lol, giving a pussy a pill each time you came? Sounds familiar.

I get the joke, but dogs stink much more than cats, and cats are a more low maintenance pet so you don't have to bathe unstinkify them.

^ I agree. That's one of the reasons that I own two cats and a pet snake, but no dogs. I just couldn't resist the joke. :)

xXDubbleChic 11

^ I buy rats all the time. You may be disappointed to know that they're for my snake!

Nah, Nagini would prefer to eat humans. So far, I've fed her 3 commenters who have invoked my wrath (mostly for having deplorable spelling and grammar). But in all seriousness, I have a royal python at home. She mostly eats mice and rats.

sourgirl101 28

"They're for my snake" sounds so dirty (: since you were talking about pussy earlier. Until.... I read the first part of your comment. Okay, so you're talking about a real snake this time.Lol I had a garter snake, it only ate crickets. I think it would be hard for me to watch it actually eating a creature other than bugs.

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ughh so not true.. I can't stand most houses with cats cuz the litter box smell, and a lot of time cats will go wherever is most convenient. If you don't clean up their literal shit and piss every single day, and keep your house perfectly tidy, that better place to them may likely be your clean laundry. Then they scratch you, and throw up hair balls all over.. and tear up furniture..and bring dead things in the house..and meow nonstop.. and shed on everything..and intentionally be in your way no matter what you are doing.. I don't super dislike cats but they are more like pet rodents compared to dogs.

get a maltese or something. i swear theyre half cat lol. and theyre low maintenance :P.

#138 - what sort of cats have you come across? Most cats allowed outside will, naturally, go piss and shit outside. Housecats, once trained, will go in the litter tray, and after going, will bury their waste. Just because you know people who have no concept of keeping a clean cat or well behaved, doesn't mean all cats are the same. My cat has never clawed furniture, or gone to the toilet anywhere other than outside or in his tray, and he certainly doesn't leave furballs all over the place. Maybe buy these people some odour-absorbant litter? Or get them a hamster.

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shoulda made that dog suffer and get the suppository pills instead, gotta show them who's boss just sayin

You were so quick with responding to be first you totally overlooked the fact that it was a CAT? Sad..

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I knew I wasn't gonna be first xD I saw voldermorts post and was thinking about dogs

Hmm, OK, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

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hakuna matata is my problem free philosophy

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I had to do the same with a neighbors dog. I wrapped the pill in ham, but the dog couldn't tell the difference between the ham and my thumb...

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As soon as you finish reading this comment you will notices you wasted about 5 sec. of your life.

Declawing cats is a little cruel, IMO. You should have just stuck the pill in a piece of meat.

You're right, it is, and that's why many vets refuse to do it.

Yeah, why would you assume a cat is declawed? I don't think I've ever encountered one.

Thank you, 8. OP is stupid, stupid, stupid for assuming the cat is declawed. A cat shouldn't have to be declawed for you to feed it a pill, you ignorantly cruel mother lover.

I just sit on my cats and shove the pill down the back of their throat and stroke it

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you sit on your pussy and stroke it?

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Ouch. Been there, it's no fun :/

went to school aye? hahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahah! fail!!!

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On the bus as we speak. Wi fi. Duh. You're so concerned about stalkers, why don't you stop stalking my comments?

why so ugly sluuuut? your kinda hard to miss;) hahahhah

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I'm taking my Mid-terms this week until tomorrow, so I'm out of school at 11:00.

Your neighbor's pussy clawed you. Haw haw haw