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Today, I got a call from the girl I like. I got very excited so I quickly picked up. As it turns out, she was actually prank calling me, pretending to be a "liposuction telemarketer" but forgot to press *67. FML
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JMichael 25

Prank call her back. Just remember to use *67


JMichael 25

If I was OP I would call back and be like "I just had the weirdest conversation with a telemarketer, have they been calling you too?" lol

It's a good thing she's hot cuz she's not that smart. She'll be one of the first to go when the Terminators come.

naarz 9

Yea i agree with #22, just to show her how smart she is, and at least this way OP can have a real conversation with his crush.......and who knows she just might be interested in talking to OP and giving him chance......hopefully he will figure out something

It's a reference to a post from another website.

thebiglloydtree 12

Why would he be interested? She clearly has no respect for him. She sounds like a bit of a bitch. IMO, op should be holding out for someone worth his time.

We don't really know; she could be doing it in lighthearted fun as well.

jakeanon 1

not bright, and nor is she nice.

Exactly. I don't think a prank call necessarily makes her a bitch.

razzledazzle21 23

Well the bright side is he now knows she's an idiot and can move on to finding someone else to like.

Time to crush on someone else I'd say, depending on whether that prank was a playful one or not.

Nvm, I take back my last comment, I didn't do my research before I commented I'm sorry!!! D:

RedPillSucks 31

That's suppose to be "Oh no she di''nt!"

Prank call her back. Just remember to use *67

Feeling left out here... what does *67 do?

Makes you appear as hidden in caller I.d.

It actually unleashes a hell storm of fat sucking gremlins through the phone line which pop out on the other end and cause OP to start a venture company dealing with fake designer watches made in Guatemala. As we can see it never occurred.

Never_Land 10

Haha 21 I like the way you think friend

He'll fall for anything? What. She failed at prank calling. Op wasn't fooled by anything.

no but i'm sure you'd fall off the tower of stupidity huh?

We'll that could Mean anything, hopefully she is prank calling because he likes you.

She* and due to my comment that was most lacking in intelligence I do offer my apologies.

Apologies accepted. The grammar nazis have been told it was a false alarm and gone home. But should it happen again, then

Rainhawk94 27

You should've said i know who you and i will kill you, giggle and hang up

ninjuh_wingman 29

It's like you combined Liam Nesson from Taken and Elmo and created a really creepy ass dude.

Rainhawk94 27

Thankfully she didn't use a soundboard on you OP. My roommate actually got me with a "Full Metal Jacket" sound board....I hate him. Also how did you know her number...?

By stalking her? Isn't that the usual thing to do when you like someone?

perdix 29

She wants to suck your fat -- nothin' wrong with that ;) (That rhymes!)

perdix 29

#15, klutz* Look, talking about fat-sucking usually leads to fat-sucking.

Perdix - you're a poet, and didn't know it!

Yes he's a true poet, yet barely shows it.