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First of all, she's six months along, you creep. That's not a good time to have an abortion. Second of all, don't tell a woman what to do. Who are you to declare how a woman's pregnancy should go? Lots of women have difficult pregnancies, and they love their kids just as much as they would if the pregnancy had gone smoothly. She knows what is best for herself. Don't take it upon yourself to decide what to do with her body and child.

By  Jurbla  |  14

This reads to me an awful lot like he's terrified of the level of commitment this relationship was about to enter and just used an excuse to go full scum bag, bail and leave you with the responsibilities I'm assuming he helped create. You might be surprised at the gold medal worthy mental gymnastics people do to justify their position when they're scared of something.

By  chyiochan  |  31

He is being a total asshole, but what he's feeling is something men go through while their SO's are pregnant/have babies. Tell him to go to, or go together to a therapist. It's a life changing event and I think he's scared what to expect. Give it a try, and if he still talks that way, you may need to let him go. Good luck to the both of you!