By driver26 - 14/12/2010 05:15 - Canada

Today, I was arguing in the car with my boyfriend about who was the better driver. Being so incensed by the fact that he thought he was better made me completely zone out, and run a red light. FML
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You wouldve looked like a massive douche OP.

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Your Bf MADE you zone out? Did he point a gun to your head and yell at you to zone out? Shame on your Bf OP. He shouldn't do that.

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this fml made me zone out!! op who cares!! it's not like you hit another car or someone for that fact!!!! lucky u didn't either!!

*Insert woman joke about how she shouldn't have been driving, but instead making sandwiches.*

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you're a women silly, he's a better driver by defult!

What's defult? Men must not be good at spelling. Then again, it could just be you.

yeah as soon as I read I was driving I knew it's going to one of those "YDI because you're a woman FMLs" I bet a guy made this FML up just to see all the comments.

there's more women then men in the population, so you better watch your back you little sexist pig:)

No, that's just Gods way of saying "threesome?"

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save arguments for... well, when you aren't driving obviously.

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"... and I run a red light." Sorry that bothered me. This whole FML bothers me on account of it's similar to one from a couple days ago. Anyway! OP... uh learn how to write sentences and pay attention.

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Oops! My bad, I was so quick to read this FML I misjudged the sentence structure.

someone trying to sound smarter then they are? fail.

Eey, you leave alaalo alone. She says sensible stuff and stuff.

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also, the grammar Nazi's profile says that "she" is an "actor". also says she's a ****. triple fail.

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45- Thank you :) 37- There is no need to be rude. Like I said, I sped through the FML. I have a life too (unlike some people who like to type unecessary things). And I apologized for it above.

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47- Yes, I'm an ACTOR. As actors are people with talent and actresses are females who make it based on looks alone. Where in my profile does it say I'm a ****? Oh you're referring to me liking guys "...a little too much." I say that only meaning I fall a little too hard for men, not to insinuate Im a *****. Not that it's any of your business whether I am or am not.

hey, little miss grammer Nazi, it's unnecessary... I think that person was kidding who said 'she says sensible stuff and stuff.' lol I do have a life in fact:) and of course you couldn't make it on looks alone... just sayin'

FantasticFin, no come back? you gone take that playa? and Alaalo I was being sarcastic. Lol I'm kidding, your comments are of value to me :)

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52- Says the girl (or guy) who can't put a close up photo of themselves. Anyway, I'm tired of arguing, it was fun, but I'm off to school. Bye!

hey ever thought I don't put close up pictures of my face on the internet cause I don't want to be stalked and raped? gasp. how's that for an interesting new idea?!? and you couldn't think of any way to get back at me so you had a resorted to petty jabs at my profile picture? nice...

How do you get stalked AND raped via the internet? Maybe you need to consider your choice of words more carefully next time.

no, no I don't. i know a policeman and he told me about a case he had once where the rapist watched the girls posts and saw her picture and put the bits of info together bit by by bit and eventually he figured out where she would be and he raped and killed her. I'm not an idiot I don't fancy that happening to me.

FantasticFin How is her comment on your lack of a real profile picture any more "petty" then your line "of course you couldn't make it on looks alone... just sayin' " ? Which by the way I have to disagree with you on that fact because I happen to think alaaloo is a very pretty girl, certainly the type I would have envied in school.

an actress is the female version of an actor. you are the perfect example of someone who would make it based upon looks alone. you're a very pretty girl who thinks she is way more intelligent than she actually is, and you have no respect for female thespians, and calling them "actors" because of a sexist stereotype only proves my point.

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74- I don't think you have the right to judge whether I'm intelligent or not. My high school drama teacher is the one who taught me this business on actors and actresses. I look at it this way: a lawyer is called a lawyer despite being a position held by both men and women. I don't think gender should differentiate the same position is all.

While I do agree with your point, generally, #75, you cannot use "lawyer" in your analogy, simply because the word for it does not exist in the English language.

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76- Really? I had no idea. Ok, how about firefighter or pastry chef?

Firefighter is already a gender neutral term replacing Fireman. I've never herd of "chef" being a female version. I think the closest analogy would be waiter/waitress. I don't think anyone would look twice at you for calling a waitress "waiter". At least not around here, and not by anyone who's not a pedantic git.

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78- This actor/actress deal is my own opinion. I've been studying theatre for 8 years now. I agree, but some people love to feel big and bad, sitting infront of a computer screen haha so it goes... 69- Thank you, although I know you were just proving your point.

I was being honest and proving my point all at once. You are welcome

as if you think she's pretty hahahah! I met dogs that were prettier. just sayin'

I guess that argument is settled then?

If by driving your argument to failure, yeah, you're better.

That is why you shouldn't get involved in lengthy discussion if you are driving. Talking to your passenger is just as bad as talking on the phone. A better way to prove your point would have been to say "Look, can we not talk now so I can focus on the road?"

You KNOW he would have used her inability to talk and drive as fodder to prove his point.