Taking it too far

By Hypocrisy - 28/09/2011 22:16 - United States

Today, I was called a pervert. On a phone sex line. FML
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OP:.. Don't be sexually unacceptable it is so impotent. It must suck but at least they don't know who you are.

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You shove one gerbil up your urethra while on the phone and you're labelled for life ... Story of my life

The pervert in me, makes 11's pic look like sperm at first glance. :P

Hey hey hey phone sex is fun! >_> I actually enjoy it. xD Yes this signifies that I have no love life. :( Lol oh well.

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Keep this up OP and you're gonna get hearing AIDS.

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I wonder what you've been saying....

What's the difference between kinky and perverted? If you're kinky, you use a feather. If you're perverted, you use the whole damn chicken. You've really got some ****** up fantasies if someone on a phone sex line is calling you a pervert.

42: your comment made my life worth living! Hahaha

It's a sex line not phone sex. Read more carefully next time

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It clearly says "on a phone sex line."

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****! Wrong spot. ****! Wrong spot.

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??? Is that like "Wrong hole" ??

jeeze you let it slip once that her moans sounds like your grandma's and your called a pervert. what has this world come too.

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wow you must be one screwed up person

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Or maybe chester the malester (I can't figure out how to spell that ha)

Omg 42 thats gotta be the best comment on here xD

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Don't you feel like you deserved it at least a little bit?

It's not like a boss because it's a fail, duh.

No, it's call a sex line, then cry deeply. Demand a refund, eat a bagel. Nowhere does it say get called a pervert. Jeez…

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turn into a jet, bomb the russians. fly into the sun, now im dead like a boss.

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But... I can still threaten to cut off their boobs and superglue their eyes... Right?

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what the hell were u doin on a fone sex line go out an get some real sex dumbiee

What the hell are you doing on this website?


How is that possible? Don't they get paid to talk to perverts?

Maybe the operator you were talking to meant it as a compliment. Or thought you were into being humiliated and called nasty names.

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