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Today, I was laying in my bed and discovered a couple of stray black hairs scattered about. This was odd considering I have light strawberry blonde hair but I forgot about it only to later see my hair brush have more of the same black hairs. I live alone. I'm scared. FML
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  StiffPvtParts  |  43

This sort of thing happens more often than you'd think, and take it from someone who knows, there's little more terrifying than waking up in the middle of the night and hearing someone breathing heavily next to your bed. I was just a little kid when this happened to me, so I just tried to stay still and pretended to be asleep. Though, this wasn't an isolated incident... Before this happened, I would often hear footsteps and the creeks of doors opening and closing during the night. We also noticed that certain items would move places and sweets often went missing; I suspected my brother was the culprit, but he always denied it and blamed me instead... He called me a greedy cunt. Anyways, it turned out someone small (probably a child) was living in the tight crawl spaces between the walls of the old, early 19th century house that we were renting out. We only stayed there for 2 months before moving the hell out.


  xcllla_  |  26

Damn, I would run out of that house after the first accident.

  kkows25  |  10

your parents didn't try to see if it was an abandoned child that needed help? me personally I would have been torn between getting the hell away and making sure it's not a homeless child. This is one of the many times where my mixed blood would have clashed. lol

  R_L_Jack  |  11

Yeah, when I was a young lass, maybe 5 or 6. I woke up and saw a man wearing a cowboy hat and then he lit a cigarette. Then he turned on the light and stared at me. He then dropped the cig, grounded it out, picked it up, turned off the light then walked out and closed the door. My parents thought it was a nightmare or dream. Turned out, all the neighborhood kids had the same story, and I did not tell them. I think he was a man who had lost a child, not a child molester because he never touched any of us. My parents did not lock the doors back then and apparently no one else did either.

  Nabexis  |  9

DNA tests only work if it was ripped/plucked out and there is still a skin tag attached to the follicle. If it was brushed out and/or fell out naturally it's not likely to have that part still attached.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Plus you have to have something to match the DNA against. Unless you're talking about running through the system to see if a criminal was there or something.

Op, think logically first. Who has a key to your place? Any friends or family members? Any with black hair? Is it possible they stayed at your house or visited it during the day while you were gone? Anyone that has a key (or knows where you keep an extra one) that might have a reason for needing a place to veg out or need a break from their place and their family?

  R_L_Jack  |  11

not true, if you go missing, cops ask for hairbrush for DNA, and nowadays it takes very little to get results. and DNA is very hardy, I used to work with it and we did experiments and it was very resistant to decay in it's purified form.

By  lovebooks07  |  15

As a blonde, I do have a few black hairs between my blonde ones too. I never knew this, until someone pointed it out to me. I always assumed the darker hairs in my brush were there because my friend borrowed it but I suppose they were mine