By MelanieP - 29/08/2009 03:39 - United States

Today, I got a prank call. I now wish he'd call back so I can actually talk to someone. FML
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dul_fml 2

Someone needs to head outside. I bet you have at least ONE phone number stored away that you could call.


I agree with #1.

lolzRaptor 1

It doesn't matter if it is fake or not, it is lame. Did you smell chicken after the call? [another lame FML reference]

YDI for killing puppies.

you know it's not a one way street hun

the_stereotype 0

I'm with 37, YDI for not calling someone yourself.

missmollylynn 0

i agree with the phone works both ways, and that this isn't FML worthy, but how the hell is this a fake? it's pretty much "FML because I'm that pathetic and lonely i with the prank call would call back because i have no one else to talk to." someone, please, explain how someone being pathetic is a fake.

ryguy997 0

yeah op I'm a loner to!!

StingMunFizzy 0

You can talk to me ;)

ThatDopeKid 0

ouch, that sucks

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ilLeopardo 0

That's the saddest thing I've heard all day.

Stop being a wussy and call someone yourself, foo

Then go do something about it instead of posting on fml and wasting everyones time.

moonlight_daze 8

Try calling someone yourself?