By BlackPolarbear - 23/01/2010 08:05 - United States

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend. My phone started ringing and it was my Mom, she said I could answer it. As I answered the phone my girlfriend started playing with my dick. I moaned. Loud. FML
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MiniatureMayhem 0

Tell your mom you were enjoying a really good chocolate cake.

Your girlfriend totally did that on purpose. :D


MiniatureMayhem 0

Tell your mom you were enjoying a really good chocolate cake.

A woman posted this... a woman that has a dick....

The cake is a lie

which means she's a sheman

first time replying.... hehe

haha! Suks for u. thta y u donntt answer ur phone while having sexx. ;)

HeresReality 0

true! that's hilarious. also, no guys moan unless they are faking like they like it for thier partner

rennobeinna 0

holy fuck ur rite

love portal!

how do you know a woman posted it?

caticaticati 3

Because there's a gender listed under the post. DUHHH.

your a woman. even if you were a guy, if you can't control yourself your still a woman

hwkfan1 10

maybe she is michael Jackson or lady gaga half!

43 it's sheMALE

chicabonita5683 0

That's not true...if it's a surprise, like it was, a moan might escape for some guys.

few12 0

maybe an accident? or it was the woman who posted it for her bf?

few12 0

She was playing with his dick. what if she bent it the other way or something? Think, SHE WAS PLAYING WITH HIS DICK

Or has a strap-on/vibrator?

Sucks for you. :)

what dick? it says you're a woman

anela_fml 0

ha ha oh my hmmmm

kluger 3

Haha, nice.

Nic_hole 0


Your girlfriend totally did that on purpose. :D

ur girlfriend has a great sense of humor

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climbthoserocks 6

make up an excuse. not that hard.

wandaax03 0

apparently, it was (;

sam11jide 0

hahaha nice

aoife123 0

hahaha, I wish you could 'like' comments on these things

jjstock 7

You can thumbs up lol,next best thing

I think #94 was in reply to #16...

ydi for answering the phone while having sex

perdix 29

YDI for not having your own FML account (they cost sooooo much, you hobo!) or being a chick with a dick.

I know! Free is so expensive! It's either: (a) fake (b) the guy is dumb enough to complain using his girlfriends account (c) it's a chick with a dick (d) none of the above Isn't multiple choice fun?

a) Meh. b) Yawn. c) Suicide by USB port. d) Perdix, you look stunning in that unitard. There is no "shoot Perdix before he starts making sexually inappropriate comments" option, so we are all doomed.

perdix 29

Thanks, Sirin, sometimes I do feel a little bad when I make the "sexually inappropriate" comments in the general FML section, but when they are in the "Intimacy" category, all bets are off, baby!

has no realised that this is fml was poted by a woman? i find it odd that a woman is capable of having her girlfriend play with her dick anyone else?

I belive abot 10 people already noticed.

ya lol dumass. learn to read.