By bootyislife - 16/06/2015 20:01 - United States - Lynnwood

Today, my girlfriend made me put a blanket over my head while giving me a blowjob because she didn't like the faces I was making. FML
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dantee2005 33

And yet she did the job anyways. She is a keeper


dantee2005 33

And yet she did the job anyways. She is a keeper

Yeah at least she carried on! I do wonder what sort of girl has her eyes open though

If she didn't like it she could've closed her eyes lol. I've rarely been at an angle where it's easy to look up and see their face comfortably.

Unless your rod is tiny and she has her faced buried in your stomach then you should be able to see her and vice versa. I'm confused...

Wow!!!!! For real? Let's just ponder the FML for a second. If you are still unsure, call in Scooby do. The mystery crew will solve it.

She must be good if you're making crazy faces. Who cares about the blanket then?

I guess her head game and your head game just didn't make a proper match

She didn't make you. You let her. Big difference.

I'd rather the guy make faces than be stone-faced cause at least it's showing he's being pleasured

jat_fml 3

now we got a real 'feminist' over here ppl

bobbywilcher 13

You're amazing need more with your mindset!

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I hope you've tried swallowing yourself before demanding that others do it.

Don't tell the expert to calm down. Back away slowly and refrain from looking him in the eyes.

FragrantSalmon - You're lucky ArturoJames was here to talk some sense into you.

Let me clarify. A ******* is a gift from God. I just think that when she swallows it's that much better. But as the old saying goes, ******** are like pizza. Even when it's bad it's still good.

katachristic 19

Wrong. There are definitely bad ********.

It's not about expertise, it's just personal opinion.

I don't really think many people having a big feeling of sensation have attractive faces.

looking at their faces of pleasure is my favorite part