By brother love - 13/08/2010 05:33 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that the guy I like was only coming to my house to get closer to my brother. FML
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it could have been worst. he could have been trying to get closer to your dad!

Today, I found out that the sister of the guy I really like, is totally in love with me. Hell, I'm gay! FML


I hate when people misuse their reproductive organs

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maybe you should go after straight people next time.

lol 8 am I the only one that picked up on that? hahahaha

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Closer to his prostate that is.

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i hate when people bitch about someone else love life. i hate seeing fat guys with attractive girls. i think it is a waste of beauty.

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it's funny because the guy you liked turned out to be gay for your brother


wow the OP's name is brother love...him, his brother, and the dude he likes are gay! if I was ur father I would.....not know how to react to the situation! lol

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so you're a fag hag? it's okay so was Tina fey for a while.

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dangit 25 i was gonna say that!!! lol sux fer u Op and ur brother if he's straight lol

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haha fly you liked a gay guy who wants to in your brothers pants! ha thatsucks

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omg it's captain! it's an honor to meet you!

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mhm.... and how long did it take you to realize this...?

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awww gay couples ftw! x3 AND OMFG **** YOU ANTI FLOOD PROTECTION. -_-

8 we got ur joke but it was a little corny

YDI for liking someone. YDI for having a house. YDI for having a brother.

or try trolling an fml with more content.. this one is pretty short soo ya.

meh, I work with what I'm given. Michelangelo wouldn't have been able to carve David out of a pile of fresh horse shit.

I'm not sure about that. I think I could carve Michelangelo out of a fresh pile of horse shit. (My name is David. And the joke is made so much funnier by the fact that I have to explain it.)

threesome? tht sucks opp. tht means ur brother is gay.....and if ur a boy tht makes u gay cuz u like the guy tht is coming over to ur house for ur brother.

I am sure the brother doesn't even kno that a guy likes him. it doesn't say anything about him being gay, and I am sure op is a girl

Guess your "gaydar" is working properly, better get it checked out!

yeah, cuz I usually get shit checked out when it's working properly

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Why would they get it checked out if its working properly? ._.

A woman's gaydar is most accurate when the woman is fertile.

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"Today, I found out the guy I like is gay. FML"

YDI for letting a gay guy into your house.