By Anonymous - 16/12/2011 20:11 - Sweden

Today, the heating in my house broke down. I called my boyfriend and asked if I could stay at his place until I could get it fixed. He said no, and told me my overgrown leg hair would keep me warm. FML
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Guess he can also keep himself warm when he's single!

You could always shave your legs and knit yourself something warm


Guess he can also keep himself warm when he's single!

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What did you say? That was seriously so uncomfortable to read...

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It's no shave November... Not no shave November and December.

RedPillSucks 31

Not all cultures make their women shave.

n_epic_fail 14

Damn Europeans, but since she's obviously offended I'd take it's not acceptable.

I don't think I'd wanna share my bed with chewbacca either.

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This would be normal if she were French.....

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Why not chewwy is like a very large shaggy dog xD I agree though then tell him to gtf over there and keep u warm

when I was in hospital, I asked the nurse why she didn't shave her legs, and she said her boyfriend prefers it because it feels realer.

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At least the hair on your leg will keep you warm! :p No, sorry, that sucks :(

Ja dat is inderdaad niet zo aardig van je. Ou tu n'habite pas à la partie néerlandophone de la Belgique? I hope my vocubulary is allright xd But you're comment is rude! Imagine if you didn't shave your legs because you were very busy working or something like that and your boyfriend would say that to you :O My girlfriend would break up I think. Good thing you were just joking ;)

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Aren't you smart speaking 3 languages. Speaking dutch and french doesn't make you cool. And I know,, im dutch myself

Icecream93 4

The first sentence is dutch it means thats not so nice of you indeed and the french one is something about where he lives in belgium or holland r some shit

I just translated what he said, he pretty much told OP of comment how he wanted to foreplay with her, and the pounding she'll receive. Trust me I Googled it.

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R u saying this from experience? Lol srry

Your absolutely gorgeous! Just had to point that out :) Cheers

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Now she knows how much her boyfriend loves her.

that's what he already said, u frikkin' retard!

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You should definitely hmu at 693-6185 ;) an no I'm not like a 40 year old creeper, I'm 15 about to be 16 :)

You could always shave your legs and knit yourself something warm

Leg warmers! Oh wait, u already have some :D

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Or OP can shave her legs and stay at her bfs house ;)

Harsh,dump him and find yourself someone who actually cares about u!

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Exactly! The douchebag could bring over a razor and a can of Nair if he were worth a shit!

There is nothing wrong with using correct grammar.

Dumping him is a bit harsh. Maybe OP's BF just said it without realizing how insensitive it is. I know my boy friend says brutally honest stuff without thinking about the implications, but I still love him.

Instead of dumping him get some revenge. Let your pubes grow and whenever he asks for sex he will be in for a surprise. Too much? D:

RedPillSucks 31

That's more than brutally honest, that's mean spirited.

There's this new invention called a razor? you should try it.. Just saying

There's this new invention, like, called freedom over your own bodyyyyy? You should, like, totally try it sometime!!!! Just saying. ;D

Try a different approach 'hey, the heating in my house won't work how bout you keep me warm?' Should probably shave first though...

Maybe he's actually willing to let you stay at his place but is hinting to you that you need to shave your legs first. That's just nasty...come on. Take care of yourself. If you want your bf to see you as a sexy woman. Then you gotta work on it!

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every time you comment I want to thumb you down in hopes of your nasty ass picture disappearing .

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I will join you in the uprising.

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Sorry but hairy legs aren't sexy. If you don't want to be seen as sexy that's fine but then you have no right to bitch when someone tells you you have nasty legs.

legs hairs aren't as nasty as your picture 13.

RedPillSucks 31

So the standard of beauty is prepubescent hairlessness?

What's funny is we are mammals. We naturally have hair- and then women decide we should shave, men got used to it an we forgot we were mammals!

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I don't know why there is so many THUMBS DOWN on ur comment..but I understand why ur DP will get a lotta thumbs down. LOL, but I thumbed up.(:

ok supersmeg, that's only the little boys of the world. my boyfriend and many of my guys friends say that they couldnt care less about stuff like that. they find a woman sexy because they love her. and lord knows what a hassle it is to shave all the time.