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  Hollandiscrazy  |  12

Ja dat is inderdaad niet zo aardig van je.

Ou tu n'habite pas à la partie néerlandophone de la Belgique?

I hope my vocubulary is allright xd

But you're comment is rude! Imagine if you didn't shave your legs because you were very busy working or something like that and your boyfriend would say that to you :O

My girlfriend would break up I think. Good thing you were just joking ;)

  Icecream93  |  4

The first sentence is dutch it means thats not so nice of you indeed and the french one is something about where he lives in belgium or holland r some shit

  SmeXikoE  |  3

I just translated what he said, he pretty much told OP of comment how he wanted to foreplay with her, and the pounding she'll receive.

Trust me
I Googled it.

  margie2194  |  12

Dumping him is a bit harsh. Maybe OP's BF just said it without realizing how insensitive it is. I know my boy friend says brutally honest stuff without thinking about the implications, but I still love him.

By  supersmeg12345  |  10

Maybe he's actually willing to let you stay at his place but is hinting to you that you need to shave your legs first. That's just nasty...come on. Take care of yourself. If you want your bf to see you as a sexy woman. Then you gotta work on it!

  Jaxx66  |  21

What's funny is we are mammals. We naturally have hair- and then women decide we should shave, men got used to it an we forgot we were mammals!

  JaneChemi_fml  |  21

ok supersmeg, that's only the little boys of the world. my boyfriend and many of my guys friends say that they couldnt care less about stuff like that. they find a woman sexy because they love her. and lord knows what a hassle it is to shave all the time.