By BGood - 21/12/2011 16:30 - United States

Today, I ran into my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend at a grocery store. We haven't seen each other since we broke up a few months ago, and when he introduced me, he called me by the wrong name. We dated for three years. FML
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hippityhopp 2

Should've said "you must have been the girl he cheated on me with."

beddington 7

No, should've said "this is your future", soon he won't remember you either."


hippityhopp 2

Should've said "you must have been the girl he cheated on me with."

beddington 7

No, should've said "this is your future", soon he won't remember you either."

Both of those answers are classic. Kudos.

It was probably intentional. For some reason he didn't want his new girlfriend to know your name. Who knows

Where does it say he cheated on her?? Since we are in the mood for assumptions maybe she's a *****!

Should've said "who are you?"

Op your ex knew who you were, he just wanted to show he was over you. Happens all the time.

it doesn't say anything about him cheating

Maybe op cheated on him. Or neither of them did! But of ******* course the guy cheated on the girl, right?

No, i think the joke was that she didn't actually get cheated on but was implying that the ex is a cheat. No sexist accusations...

He was probably just nervous, it must have been a pretty awkward situation for him...

123, Theres a simple formula that applies to relationships these days. guy = omg like the best boyfriend ever; if (relationship == over) { guy = rand(shallow,cheating,scumbag,asshole); } Men are always the assholes when a relationship ends according to modern society.

Just be thankful that someone as petty as that is no longer in your life anymore!

@ - #145 Or, you know, the girl friend is a *****, ****, tramp, selfish bint, trollop, demon, bitch, shallow, bimbo, high maintenance, gold digger, harpy, life sucker, soul stealer, ball crusher... ...shall I continue? It's not JUST men that get the short end of sticks after relationships.

145- for some reason I was unable to read that comment.. Looked like a bunch of parentheses and brackets to me.

145 you suck for writing your comment in some sort of program code.

I'm sorry, I should have dumbed it down for you idiots, I forgot my audience was barely capable of finding letters on a keyboard without assistance let alone understanding a simple script.

Should've been like.. "um, I've seen you somewhere but can't remember where.. Have we met?"

Even if you don't know the coding language, the statement makes sense logically (as long as you can figure out contextually that "rand" means "random").

Not society, to the ex and all her friends

#153 - wow. i see you met my ex! I have the arrest report to verify my findings. :-)

Benelli_SkM 0


You should of called him by the wrong name and then walk away.

Have* not of, stupid.

^Hahahaha. That made my day! XD

Id give double thumbs down, one for your comment and one for the stupid ass picture

Torva_fml 16

Hey, 83... I'd say your comment, and picture are pretty stupid as well,

Benelli_SkM 0

Hey. Don't hate on the tank catapult. It'll **** you up.

2- seriously? Whatever happened to trying to make a creative comment? "wow"

Benelli_SkM 0

I'm sorry. Maybe you should have ******* been number 2 and come up with a creative one.

194- that's why you must have grace under pressure and must be able to handle situations in a time crunch!

Perhaps he was frazzled...or maybe he's a JERK!

Or maybe OP is a cheating bitch since were assuming.

I'm afraid OP, that your ex must suffer from selective short-term memory loss, as he can recognize your face but sadly not the name.

born_hustla 26

True that.

22cute 17

He's just trying to yank your chain, Op. Don't let it bother you.

OMG no comment! find something witty quick! erhm... yeah your life sucks... damn!

boredblonde 17

Really? No.

That could be one of the worst comments I've ever seen

chickenwalrus 14

if you had no comment you shouldn't have commented.

This isn't YouTube…

MiaLoves 8

Maybe he had the jitters or something, everyone makes mistakes.

jpshort 0

Aw. Did he call you another exes name?

flockz 19

and that's when you say "no that was the name of your other girlfriend, remember? the one you cheated on me with?" i'm sure his new girlfriend won't appreciate that.

Nice one :D

pepelapew 0

Maybe he said his ex was hot and he didn't want his gf to think he dated you?

Totally agree, strangely it Was the First thing I though of.

MsTunechiFBaby 4

Hes an ex for a reason, obv. Find someone better.

every1luvsboners 11

This would be a great time to get over it. Who cares if he "forgot" your name. Move on, psycho. Get your fava beans and go home.