By BGood - United States
Today, I ran into my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend at a grocery store. We haven't seen each other since we broke up a few months ago, and when he introduced me, he called me by the wrong name. We dated for three years. FML
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  downtime  |  12

123, Theres a simple formula that applies to relationships these days.

guy = omg like the best boyfriend ever;
if (relationship == over) {
guy = rand(shallow,cheating,scumbag,asshole);

Men are always the assholes when a relationship ends according to modern society.

  AmbrosiaWriter  |  17

@ - #145 Or, you know, the girl friend is a whore, slut, tramp, selfish bint, trollop, demon, bitch, shallow, bimbo, high maintenance, gold digger, harpy, life sucker, soul stealer, ball crusher...

...shall I continue? It's not JUST men that get the short end of sticks after relationships.

  downtime  |  12

I'm sorry, I should have dumbed it down for you idiots, I forgot my audience was barely capable of finding letters on a keyboard without assistance let alone understanding a simple script.

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

Even if you don't know the coding language, the statement makes sense logically (as long as you can figure out contextually that "rand" means "random").

By  flockz  |  19

and that's when you say "no that was the name of your other girlfriend, remember? the one you cheated on me with?"

i'm sure his new girlfriend won't appreciate that.