By mandy16 - 04/09/2010 03:43

Today, I got my wisdom teeth taken out. The two male doctors told me they'd give me anesthesia, but when they did, I could still hear them. I heard them talking about my breasts and how flat they were for a 17 year old. FML
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yeah. no worries, they're sad porno addicted men. who are married to saggy boob women

lol that sux. funny though and also a bit effed up since theyre adults and ur a minor.. so pretty innapropriate even though you were sposed to be knocked out they shouldn't be talking about you like that while they are working. so FYL.


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well op, you have the first couple people to comment that would appreciate them.. haha

well, at least they didn't rape you while you were under. :P

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OP-You should've said "By the way, I heard everything you two said about me. **** you and i hope that if you ever have daughters, that they'll be flat chested with no ass." :D

nice job guys you totoally fckehfhyyed up my boob streak

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Lawsuit!! In general suing is retarded but these are "health care professionals" that we trust with our lives. They shouldn't be making comments like that.

95: I agree it's unprofessional and wrong to say such things, but I doubt a lawsuit would go very far. OP has no proof, so it's a they said/she said thing. The fact that she was under sedation at the time doesn't help, either; they'll just claim she dreamt it or made it up.

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23 that is the cutest picture ever!! <3

Hopefully the OP is talking about novocain and not a full anesthetic. In any case, if it's novocaine, that's a good thing that you could still hear because Novocain isn't supposed to make you unconscious... Also: get a boob job.

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I find it funny how atleast 5 people on here suggested a boob job, and yet when I suggest it people flip out on me. so nice 

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#95 - The operation was to remove teeth. It's not heart surgery goddamnit.

You, sir, are a ******* moron. You can't sue someone for saying something you don't like. Good GOD, I wish I could leap through your screen and ram your head into the wall, repeatedly. Besides, it is a well-known fact that anaesthesia puts you in an altered state of consciousness (that's why it's anaesthesia, derp) so it's a high probability that OP just hallucinated/dreamt/misheard the doctors.

you're 17 flat chested and complaining? meanwhile I am well younger than you, have c cup breast and am also complaining. the only difference is I'm complaining about HAVING breasts and you're complaining about NOT having breasts. maybe we should just switch bodies eh? ;)

pizza guy, if i cant see ur dick behind tht small present, why r u talking ;)

Hey, Donna person, actually, here in America, you can sue someone for ANYTHING, like riding a scooter when they are meant for old people, not the obese.

where as yes it does kinda suck, you should just get over it. really it's not like you're dating one of them or have to talk to em everyday.

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give THEM anesthesia and violently rape them up the butt with a strap on *****.

agree!!! big hooters never win the battle of gravity!!! + more than a handful is a waist ...

better than waking up thinking ur drunk and acting like ur at a party in front of your mom. I mean not like that happened to me or anything ;)

That would be SO COOL to still here things around youuuu!

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unless they're making fun of you

under anastheia she meany usually knocks u out

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194: haha calm your **** down, this ain't no eHarmony

yeah. no worries, they're sad porno addicted men. who are married to saggy boob women

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OmG rotten tomatoes u look like that guy off of twilight!! eric!! wow

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#67 She's not BOOBLESS, she has small boobs.

Tbf, nerds, we don't know that she isn't boobless. She could indeed have nothing abd look like a boy, as Steff put it earlier.

I hope not, Jane! I would be a little sad for OP... :(

58- i think you just gave him an FML. Today, I was told I look like Eric from Twilight. I hate Twilight. FML.

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totally agree i was like wow rottentomatos look like Eric frm twilight ( I <3 TWILIGHT)

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Well they're males, they are born for boobies! :D

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hey, some of us are ass men.. =P

Graawr 7

That's so cool! I didn't know some men likes donkeys. ;P

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hahah fyl. well look on the bright side!(: if a boob monster comes at least you know your safe!

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That's not the problem here, OP is more concerned with the fact two adult men are talking about her in a sexual manner while they should be working. That's just wrong.

They're not FLAT, they're SMALL. The phrase "flat-chested" is so incorrect...Ugh.

82, you would know since people said you have small breasts all the time.

#90 Actually, yeah, I do have small breasts. So what? :P

90 - was that really necessary? She and I both have small boobs. I agree with her; I hate the phrase "flat chested". If we were "flat chested", we would look like a ten year old boy and wouldn't have the slightest bump.

lol yeah, you're right 33. because no one has ever looked at anyone of the opposite sex in a sexual way ever while working. men do it. women do it. it's a fact of life. deal. besides, maybe they were clinically evaluating the fact that she might be interested in breast enhancement surgery and there was nothing sexual about it at all. you're just assuming there was because they're men.

nerd u might have a flat chest but your still hot